How Did Netflix’s Child Porn by a Black, Muslim Woman Win an Award in France?

It may have been the perfect storm of it being made in Liberal France where many notable French academic elites have historically compatible views with pedophilia, and which also appear very comfortable with France’s growing Islamic population. This, combined with the BLM movement trying to make sacrosanct all things Black…

PM Trudeau’s Colour Wheel of Fortune

Trudeau’s handout today was not just an announcement to favour Blacks in Canada above all the other colours. It was also a condescending lie that Blacks are not competitive enough to be granted loans based on  ingenuity, intelligence, and hard work like all the other colours…

Some Democrat Christians Quibble with QAnon While Their House Burns

PLEASE NOTE that this post contains graphic content.

One thing on which QAnon and Anti-QAnons agree: QAnon is primarily focused on seeking to expose and bring to justice elite rings of child traffickers and pedophiles, and it is primarily made up of pro-Trump Christians.

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