The Liberal Label Machine: Identity Politics

May 22, 2018





It’s not just law-abiding Canadian citizens that are paying the price for the Liberal government’s failure to fix the illegal border crossing. Migrants are being forced to enter Canada with the self-knowledge that they are now law breakers. That isn’t something to be shrugged off, if or when their paperwork is official. Although Canadian law enforcement is unlikely to pursue them, like Les Misérables, it is haunting to be so labelled.

Yet, the Liberals are allowing this lawlessness to go on at the Quebec border across which illegal migrants are streaming.  It seems reasonable that it can be stopped, but it is allowed to go on, and on.

Why not have a temporary injunction of the illegal border crossing on the grounds of public safety until the political manoeuvring is sorted out. Then, concurrently, ramp up the resources at the legal border crossing point so that migrants can enter with their heads held high, and without the label of criminal wrong-doer as their entry point to Canada?

That’s fairly obvious, but the Liberals appear content with the illegal border crossing.  Content to allow migrants to have the label and generational history of having entered Canada as a  criminal law breaker. That is their identity for having crossed the border illegally, with effectively no other choice.

It is becoming apparent that the Liberals are content to create a perverse inequality fueling a divide between the identity of illegal migrants and law-abiding Canadians. Why?  One possibility is that Identity Politics worked in the US for the Democrats to get the vote out, so why not in Canada?

In Canada, the Liberals are able to dress up in Superman (sorry PM Trudeau) “Superperson” costumes as the defenders of the poor and downtrodden migrants. All the while, keeping law-abiding citizens of Canada in line with scolding “holier than though” lectures on how racist everyone is except the Liberals. Who wouldn’t vote for the Superperson who defended them against the so-called evil “racist” Canadians.

There’s the rub. There is a very small population of Canadians who are hate mongers. The vast majority of Canadians are not racist and could care less what colour someone is. However, identity politics relies on labelling. The Liberal Label Maker tries to stick the “racist” label on any law-abiding Canadian citizen who questions the Liberals over the illegality of the border crossing. The Liberal Label Maker also sticks migrants with a “law breaker criminal” label, instead of  fixing the border crossing with public safety temporary measures so they can enter legally with their heads up. The Liberals could be gambling that Identity Politics  will work to get the vote out once the illegal migrants are citizens. They should ask the Democrats how that’s working for them lately.

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