Fixing the Illegal Border Crossing Problem Fast

May 23, 2018

Apparently, the usual means of protecting our Canadian border are mired in legal wranglings between the US and Canada’s border laws.

Here’s a possible fast fix: a mea culpa from PM Trudeau to President Trump for his “holier-than-thou-we-welcome-everybody-without-borders” tweet when President Trump issued policies protecting the US borders from illegal migrants.

If Canada got off its high horse and worked with the Republican President instead of with the failing Democrats and their big funders, like George Soros, it’s quite possible that the border problem would be fixed and fast.

But then, the Liberals don’t need anyone telling them this. It’s also quite possible that the Liberals are content with the illegal border crossing. After all, the illegal border crossing has global migrant “identity politics”, the mainstay of getting the vote out for the US Democrats, streaming into Canada.

The Liberals, as did the Democrats, may be planning to play the role of saviour to these illegal migrants from the so-called evil Conservative/Republicans. Little do the migrants know that the Conservative/Republicans are protesting the illegality of it, not the colour of anyone’s skin. You can be sure though that anyone protesting the legality issue, is easily mired by the Liberals into the race issue for which the Liberals hold all of their carefully crafted media perception cards.

So, it may be, that the illegal migrants are the preferred type of migrant for the Liberals/Democrats. Legal migrants entering Canada legally and following regular Canadian government laws are not indebted to any particular party, and therefore their vote is far less forseeable for the Liberals.


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