The Border Between Compassion and Obedience to the Law

May 24, 2018

The line between obedience to the law, and compassion for the needy may be as difficult to navigate as the illegal asylum border crossing at Roxham Road into Canada.


Those supporting asylum seekers entering Canada illegally prefer PM Trudeau’s euphemism of “irregular entry”.

However, the RCMP when trying to stop those entering Canada illegally, declare Canadian law to them. The RCMP advises those asylum seekers that they are breaking the law and will be under arrest in Canada if they proceed to enter illegally.

There is no doubt that it is illegal to enter Canada at an illegal border crossing.

However, PM Trudeau and the Liberals appear to be contentedly allowing it, for reasons that may be as outlined in earlier blog posts.

It’s inhumane treatment of real asylum seekers to make them become lawbreakers in order to gain entry, and stirs anger among law-abiding citizens whose laws are being breached.

Most people know in their hearts that they are to obey and respect the laws of the land, especially the land into which they wish to become a part. Most people also know that they are to have compassion for the needy.

The below video which describes aide for asylum seekers to enter into Canada “irregularly” says that only 54% of these asylum seekers’ claims were accepted in 2017.

That says that only about half the people showing up at the border are actual asylum seekers escaping violence should they be return to their country of origin. The others may be merely seeking a better quality of life, and still others may be escaping criminal conviction in their country of origin.

It’s obvious that the fix is to make the border legal so that Canadian law for asylum seekers can be applied.

My suggestion for a fast fix is for PM Trudeau to do a mea cupla for his prideful “holier-than-thou-we-accept-everyone-at-our-border” tweet that he sent out at the time that President Trump was enforcing border laws at the US borders. PM Trudeau doing this is highly unlikely given his cavalier approach to the law demonstrated in other areas as well, for example, Canada Summer Jobs.

A realistic solution is provided by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel who says it is within the control of Canadian law to make the entire Canadian border a legal entry point. This would side-step the political legal wrangling with the US that is apparently preventing Canada from enforcing asylum laws and rejecting people outright at the illegal border crossing. It would also make way for the real asylum seekers to enter Canada with their head held high, and timely attention to their claim.

The law is to be compassionate, but it is to be applied and followed. Otherwise, lawlessness makes love grow cold in the Canadian heart.

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