The Proper Name for a Woman’s Private Parts on Network News

May 31, 2018

Samantha Bee descended into network television’s sewer system on her May 30, 2018 show when she called Ivanka Trump (excuse me for even repeating this in asterisks) a “feckless c**t”.  Her explosive potty mouth belongs in a bathroom stall, and her denigration of women is appalling. Bee should have been at the very least reprimanded, but instead she remains up for a Television Academy award for “social change.”

It may be that many Liberal activists spewing out vitriol today are actually good people fighting for a cause they genuinely believe in. Bee’s apology to Ivanka Trump late today was a welcome relief, as were some disapproving comments by a few left leaning, Democratic female commentators. However, network television executives remain silent.  In doing so, they are  taking themselves and their Liberal ideology down a dark path that has skewed their sense of right and wrong into absurdities.

Many others may come to regret, as does Roseanne Barr on the right, the words that have come out of their mouths and keyboards. The difference is, Roseanne Barr was held to account, but Liberal activists like the children of permissive network television parents, are running wild at the mouth.

Based on its actions, here is a satirical version of network television’s new rules in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

New Rules in the Wake of the #MeToo Movement

Please be aware of some new rules designed to ensure that women are respected, and never denigrated.

Rule #1:

You may refer to a woman as a “*c**t”  as did Samantha Bee did on her May 30, 2018 TBS show.

CNN/TBS is very proud of Samantha Bee for her upcoming May 31, 2018 Television Academy Award for “social change”.

Rule #2:

Never refer to a woman as “p***y. It will matter not if it was over ten years ago, nor if it was a private comment and you were unaware you were mic’ed. 

We will use the firing of Billy Bush from Access Hollywood as a precedent should you use the word “p***y instead of “c**t”

Remember the use of the word ”c**t” is viewed as a persuasive rhetorical skill, but the use of the term “p***y” violates our network standards and will  be grounds for dismissal.

Rule #3:

No rules apply if it is a Republican woman.

There is no proper name for a woman’s private parts on network news commentary since a woman’s private parts don’t belong on network news commentary: full grown, intelligent women do.

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