‘It’s Always the Cover-Up’: Trudeau’s Revealing & Asinine Cover-Up

Here’s a theory about PM Trudeau at the Kokanee Festival.

A 28-year-old playboy, Justin Trudeau: with a propensity for using his physicality (is it just me or do we get a lot of rear butt shots in jacket-less Trudeau interviews?); the entitled son of a millionaire and former PM; emotionally unsteady from his brother’s death (my sincere sympathies there); went to the Kokanee festival 18 years ago.

Once there, he made the arrogant, selfish, misogynist decision to give a young, small-town, female reporter a thrill by touching her in a sexually suggestive manner.

With no intention of taking things further than his deluded idea to give a small-town female reporter a thrill, at the time this happened, Trudeau genuinely thought nothing more of it. So, Trudeau saying in 2018: “I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all” was truthful. It could be said with a straight face.

The issues in 2018 are dishonesty and hypocrisy.

How could Trudeau, with so many supposedly bright people around him, miss the lesson that the crime is “always in the cover up”.

PM Trudeau could have admitted straight away that it was 18 years ago, that he’s ashamed and embarrassed, but he does remember the reporter, and what happened.

He could have used this moment to advance respect for women’s bodies by: admitting he was utterly wrong and misguided to have made a physical, uninvited pass at the reporter when he was 28, and uneducated on women’ issues at the time.

This admission would have been a positive example, and would have re-enforced his admirable zero tolerance policy for the unwanted touching of women.

No, PM Trudeau has tried to deny it, even when a growing number of people, including many in the mainstream media (aka the Liberal’s Media Arm made up of many female reporters) are believing the reporter.

What was he thinking?

Also PM Trudeau, even though you’ve been ranked with the “hottest” male politicians, please do cover up and put your jacket on for interviews. Intelligent women vote on issues, like equality.

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