Reality Bites PM Trudeau’s Hand on a Reporter

I don’t mean to go all drama queen teacher here, but in PM Trudeau’s own words, instead of simply acknowledging and accepting the female reporter’s account, documented at the time, and supported by her Editor and Publisher,  ex-drama teacher Trudeau has decided to challenge Western Democratic values and launch a “societal awakening.”

“That’s the whole conversation we have to be having around this. People experience things differently and we have to be more thoughtful and that’s a big part of the collective awakening we have to have.” (PM Trudeau, July 6, 2018)

PM Trudeau plans to role out a new legal order, a post modernism in which there is no truth, no reality, only individual personal truthy perceptions to successfully defeat allegations.

If you think this has no consequences, think again. There will be no investigation of his alleged groping incident if PM Trudeau’s manly, truthy perception of reality prevails. Rose Knight, the alleger, who has now come out and confirmed the original editorial in which she claimed Trudeau groped her, can go down in Canadian history as a poser, a faker, of an assault for all Trudeau cares.

It is being surfaced that the “grope” that happened was to Rose Knight’s rear end. It seems plausible, so let’s say it was to the rear end. Did Trudeau’s hand contact Rose Knight’s rear end? Knight says yes, but Trudeau says, my personal truth perception is not agreeing. In PM Trudeau’s reality his entitled, powerful, manly, personal truthy perception wins: end of story, no investigation.

To the Liberal news spinners indoctrinating Canadians that this is a one-off for Trudeau, so give the guy a break, let us not forget Trudeau elbowed a female MP – in Parliament – in front of cameras. This is a man with poor impulse control.

So, Trudeau and some backroom “experts” are judge and jury on this matter and they have declared the woman, if not a liar (because that would bring truth into the matter), then unstable, a mis-perceiver who should not trust her own sense of when she is being groped?

“There’s a lot of uncertainties around this. In terms of my recollection there was no untoward or inappropriate action but she was in a professional context. Who knows where her [Rose Knight’s] mind was and I fully respect her ability to experience something differently.” (emphasis added)

Is this the lesson PM Trudeau is teaching society, and girls/women in particular? Don’t trust your sense of reality if you think a man just groped you, the man will have perceived it differently, and therefore there will be no investigation, so just be quiet and keep your shame to yourself?

Trudeau’s lesson is not going to happen “because it’s 2018”. Reality bites PM Trudeau, and it’s about to bite you in the rear end.

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