PM Trudeau Schools Canada, Nay, the World

In a  CF24 interview, PM Trudeau was asked, “it sounds like you had to school [Premiere Ford] on how the refugee, asylum seeker system works. Do you feel that [Premiere Ford] understands the [illegal immigration] file?” PM Trudeau, in a statement that didn’t sound unlike what was reported as Trudeau schooling Premiere Ford said:

“I [Trudeau] get asked [this a lot]. Why don’t we just prevent people from coming [over the border] illegally. The answer is a combination of the Charter, combination of international obligations, quite frankly due process…Every person gets processed with our full immigration measures [whether they are coming into Canada legally or illegally] …. Well, we have the Charter of Rights, the UN, and frankly due process to treat all asylum seekers regular or irregular”

Bulletin for PM Trudeau: Angela Merkel, your apparent role model on open borders, has reached an agreement to control future il-legal migrants into Germany on the German-Austrian border, and that’s while she is saddled with the pressure of European Union dictates, to which Canada doesn’t have to answer. 

If Angela Merkel, the mother of all open borders, can find a way to control future illegal migrants into Germany, Canada can.

Don’t tell us that Canada cannot do the same to control illegal migration. It seems that in truth, the Trudeau Liberals are quite happy to live with the mess of illegal migrants flowing over our border, and consuming our tax dollars when it’s money that should be going to Canadians that we know need our help, like sick kids in the hospital needing expensive cancer drugs, and homeless elderly.

PM Trudeau needs to have his license to teach revoked.

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