Ever wonder how people in foreign countries know to show up at the remote location of Roxham Road in Quebec, and claim asylum thereby avoiding the legal asylum backlog?

Are there a lot of part-time international law lawyers out there who happen to know there’s a “Canada–United States Safe Third Country Agreement”, and lawyers are currently interpreting it to mean immediate entrance to Canada, albeit by breaking the law?

No, but there are a lot of “Immigration Consultants” out there that know all of this. As their name states, Immigration Consultants only help those in need who are outside of Canada immigrate to Canada: they don’t help Canadians who are living in poverty and homeless.

“Immigration Consultants” have a professional organization, and an organization to regulate that organization, that goes by the name ICCRC. You might think that “Immigration Consultants” are immigration lawyers, but they are not. They are typically college educated paralegals who have taken courses on poverty. I guess that would be foreign poverty, not foreign policy.

Migrants in foreign countries have a legion of Canadian “Immigration Consultants” to help them navigate Canada’s laws and systems to their advantage: an unfair advantage against Canadians who are homeless and impoverished.

Surprisingly, even the CBC, the voice of the Trudeau liberals, did a number of articles exposing the fraud being committed by an Immigration Consultancy. 

Word travels fast when it is expedited by “Immigration Consultants” who know exactly how to get to Roxham Rd, and into Canada via the Roxham Road By-Pass, around legal asylum seekers and Canada’s homeless.

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