The Number One Enemy of Liberals: Law-Abiding Canadians

July 19 2018

In PM Trudeau’s diatribe today, he attacked the 70% of Canadians who are insisting on the Liberals securing the Canadian border from illegal border crossers. PM Trudeau claims that Canadians who insist on border security are doing so out of fear, not out of common sense, justice, and compassion for those in need who legally enter the country. 

PM Trudeau attacked Canadians with this quote from none other than the Border and Organized Crime Minister for Canada:

“The number one enemy of public security is fear[full Canadians]” (PM Trudeau)

So, not: organized crime, not drug and alcohol fueled crimes, not guns,

but rather the 70% of Canadians who want our border secured from illegal border crossers. We are the “number one enemy of public security.”

PM Trudeau seems to have confused the generosity and kindness of Canadians towards those legally immigrating or seeking asylum into Canada, for stupidity.

Illegal border crossers appear to be largely foreigners who have been socially engineered to show up at Roxham Rd by Liberal Globalists, who, like misguided Robin Hoods, steal from already tax poor Canadians (1 of 7 of whom live in poverty) to give Canadian money to unknown, illegal border crossing migrants. This is justifiably maddening. 

What should be feared is a Prime Minister and Border Security Minister so out of touch that they appear at direct odds with the common sense of what the RCMP  identifies as contributing to public safety: Globalization

“Globalization and rapid advances in technology have contributed to the expansion and internationalization of organized crime activities;

Canadians can easily fall victim to organized crime groups operating outside of our borders, (identity theft, internet, e-mail scams, phishing, etc.), making it a global problem that cannot be fought solely within our borders.” (RCMP Web site)

This statement by the RCMP is supported by the new reality in British Columbia which demonstrates the cost of loosely controlled borders, and politicians looking the other way. The BC NDP Government is now paying attention to the globalization and organized crime issues in BC, issues inherited from the Liberals, but it appears too little, too late.

Even the Liberal Left media and politicians are now speaking the truth of what happened when the government and policing authorities knew, but did nothing to stop illegal activity.

Asian“dirty money” from illegal/criminal activity is:

the (or a key)  reason for the Opioid crisis that is estimated to be killing 4,000 Canadians per year; and,

being used to buy up BC property to the extent of a housing crisis in which the average Canadian family can no longer buy a roof over their head in Vancouver.

Speak very freely. Don’t be intimidated by Liberal Globalists trying to silence Canadians by shaming and blaming us for the criminals arriving into Canada with relative ease.

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