Borderline Lying

Right on the border of lying are those grey areas that give manipulative and/or less than honest people an opportunity to make preposterous arguments with a straight face. It seems migration consultants are trying to create a new kind of lying, a permissible deceit that they want extended to illegal border crossers coming into Canada. The whole process is wrapped in deceit: first, there is deceit in the act of illegally entering Canada; then, there’s the permissible deceit covering the illegal migration act; and, then there’s the Trudeau Liberal’s declaring anyone who speaks the truth about the breaking of our Canadian laws, un-Canadian.

First, migration advocates are border line lying when they say: “it is not a contravention of the Canadian Immigration Refugee Protection Act to cross at a place other than a port of entry.”

Foreign migration advocates will couch their words in things like “I would like to emphasize” and then go onto to argue it’s a legal loophole, a literal hole in the border through which foreign migrants can side step legal ports of entry. That’s their hypothetical legal argument. Reality is facing an RCMP Officer at the border.

Is Roxham Road a literal, legal loophole through which border crossers may squeeze to enter Canada? Not according to the RCMP.

Foreign migration advocates omit from their argument that the Canadian border is protected by the RCMP to protect Canadians living in Canada. Here’s what The RCMP states on its official website:

Border Law Enforcement contributes to the national security of Canada and protects Canadians from terrorism, organized crime and other border-related criminality…

The RCMP’s expanded security program [includes] securing the length of Canada’s border (except for the ports of entry, the official customs checkpoints that are used when crossing the border);

It is a violation of Canadian border laws to cross the border anywhere other than ports of entry.

Legal migrants arrive at legal ports of entry to enter Canada. They fill out paperwork, they are approved. They present themselves at the legal port of entry.

Illegal entry is, for example, crossing in a field in the dead of night. It is also illegal at Roxham Road which is a rural road area marketed by un-elected migration advocates for migrants to enter Canada illegally.

The RCMP signs at Roxham Road state that it’s illegal to enter Canada. The RCMP tells people it is illegal to enter and that they will be arrested if they cross. They do, and they are arrested.

That is the truth. That is a fact. However, Global News, like many other media organizations fail to balance their reporting the views and arguments of foreign migration advocates with the reality that these migrants who enter at the illegal ports of entry are arrested.

The illegal border crossing advocates double-down on their advocacy for illegality by advocating that migrants be able to use false passports and illegally, criminally obtained documents –  to argue their illegal border crossing case.

Secondly, and incredibly, migration advocates argue it is permissible deceit for illegal border crossers to lie and use illegally obtained documents to argue their illegal border crossing case.

This is as reported in Global News:

In fact, these experts say both international and Canadian law grant specific exemptions to asylum seekers, preventing them from being prosecuted for offences related to their efforts to claim refugee protection in Canada. This includes exemptions for using false passports and other documents, making certain false statements and crossing international borders irregularly. 

The final deceit is the Trudeau Liberals calling anyone who speaks the truth about the illegal border crossers “not Canadian”. Canadians are, and will continue to be, a very generous country to real refugees who are fleeing persecution, and welcoming of legal migrants who come to Canada and respect our laws. Canada needs to bring back legal migration, not illegal border crossers.

The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history. George Orwell

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