Canada: Protecting Those Fleeing Prosecution

August 9, 2018 Think Over News by Speak Very Freely

Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi is an alleged terrorist fleeing prosecution in the USA for terrorism. A few days ago, a Dalhousie University law professor proudly announced Dalhousie was quickly organizing (with Canadian taxpayer money) a law conference to ensure  Canadian extradition laws protect alleged terrorists from unfair extradition. This is being undertaken despite a Canadian Judge who found sufficient evidence for him to be extradited for trial in the USA.

Today, a Nigerian man fleeing prosecution in the USA for distributing videos of a toddler being sexually assaulted and of bestiality, and who had crossed into Canada illegally, was also protected by the Canadian judiciary. The Judge was displeased with some technical “oddities” in the US government’s extradition paperwork.

Why is there such a  disproportionate amount of Canadian legal time and resources spent protecting those fleeing prosecution?

Why doesn’t our Canadian judiciary use our Canadian tax payer money to focus on protecting Canadians from terrorists and protecting young Canadians girls from pedophiles. 300,000 children are sold into sex trafficking in the US each year. This caught the attention of President Trump who prioritized the sex trafficking issue for the protection of Americans.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals created law, but one that  is criticized for weakening protections for child victims of  trafficking.

Conservatives are worried that the Liberals seem more concerned about the rights of criminals than the rights of victims…Make no mistake, Bill C-38 will weaken Canada’s human trafficking laws and result in lighter sentences for those who profit from the modern day slave trade”, said Nicholson.

One Canadian law school that wanted to focus on human trafficking was the private Christian law school, Trinity Western University: “if approved, [our Trinity Western Law school] would be the first Christian law school in Canada..bring[ing] a unique perspective to the law.”

“We have a lot of students who are interested in social justice, human trafficking, and care for the poor and there are biblical principles on justice and just society that will form part of that curriculum”

However, a TWU law school was not to be. Finding in favour of Canadian law societies, the Supreme Court of Canada denied Trinity Western University’s fight to have a law school because of its Christian religious beliefs.

Besides a UBC upper class clinic that includes human trafficking, there is no, or relatively very few, law schools focused on human trafficking. In comparison, there is an overwhelming number of universities and colleges that focus on immigration law to protect immigrants, legal and illegal, and now, from extradition.

Perhaps the Trudeau Liberals need to re-tweet Justin Trudeau’s now infamous “#Welcome to Canada” tweet to Canadian law schools. They seem to have misread it, doubling the recklessness and harm it has done. 

The Judiciary seems to think Justin Trudeau’s tweet said that Canada welcomes those “fleeing prosecution” (for example, pedophilia and terrorism) instead of people “fleeing persecution” from pedophiles and terrorism.

Or, maybe they know that already, it’s hard to say with the Liberals.

Update: August 10, 2018

The Trudeau Liberals reinforced their prioritizing of legal resources to protect those fleeing prosecution today.

The Liberals appointed John Norris, a criminal lawyer and adjunct professor at the U of T, to be a Federal Court Judge. He is a  criminal defence lawyer specializing in criminal, constitutional and national security law. His bio adds, “in 2008, [John Norris] was appointed by the Minister of Justice to the roster of Special Advocates for security certificate proceedings under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.”

Between 2011 and 2013, John Norris was a lawyer for Omar Khadr, the child ISIS fighter who killed an American doctor in battle. Subsequent lawyers were able to secure $10 million of Canadian tax payer money as compensation to Khadr for how he was treated while detained.

Imagine if even part of John Norris’s legal talent and time had gone into  laws to fight child trafficking;and, tracking and protecting Canadians from terrorists? 

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