Islamic Barbaric Treatment of Animals

Note: This article does not contain graphic images unless you scroll way past the horizontal lines to see them. This way the information can be provided without subjecting people to the images.

Since Islam was founded in the 7th century humans have come to learn that animals experience pain.

Therefore, most civilized countries have put in place strictly enforced measures to ensure that animals are slaughtered without pain. It is now very easy to ensure that  the slaughter of an animal is done without causing pain to the animal.

If an animal is made to die instantly and is therefore unconscious before going through a slaughter process, they do not feel the pain and anxiety that they would if they were conscious.

Therefore, the Islamic practice of slaughtering animals today without first rendering the animal unconscious is a practice of intentional cruelty. We don’t permit intentional cruelty to animals in Canada. Muslims coming to Canada must follow the laws of Canada. The SPCA:

The BC SPCA believes that the methods used to kill any animal must be humane. The BC SPCA can only consider a method of animal killing to be humane if it either kills an animal instantly or it first renders the animal insensible to pain until death ensues.

With regards to what is being demonstrated in this Islamist video, the SPCA says:

“Nonetheless, since slaughter without prior stunning has been scientifically demonstrated to cause unnecessary suffering, the BC SPCA position is that governments should take more substantial action by eliminating the practice in Canada, or at the very least, by requiring immediate post-cut stunning of every animal.”

Here is the provincial law, that does not speak to the cruel treatment of animals, and may or may not have a loophole that is being relied upon by these Islamists.

An Islamist who publicly, in the back yard of an Ontario city, videos a cow being bled out while the cow writhes in pain, is making an Islamic statement to Canada.

In this video, it is clear that the cow is alive. His head is lifted up off the ground, and he moves his head when the knife slices into him.

The cow is being skinned alive.

These Islamists are aware that the cow is alive because at 0:42 seconds the man is the blue white shirt walks up and slaps the cow on the side. It is unclear if this is being done to demonstrate dominance over a helpless animal being skinned alive, and/or for the videographer to capture that they they all know they are skinning a live cow, and they don’t care.

At the very least, these barbaric Islamists are saying: we thumb our nose at your laws. We are here to change Canada.


Charge, fine and/or jail any Islamists who intentionally inflict pain on animals. It’s the law.

It may also be a sneering sentiment something like, ‘you stupid Westerners who get squeamish about this practice yet go to your grocery stores and buy meat in a sanitized form’.

Nope again.

In Canada, we have and enforce strict laws so that when we go to the grocery stores we know that the animals have not been treated cruelly. We also regularly and publicly shame Canadian businesses in meat processing who break this trust with Canadians, most recently in British Columbia,  and in Ontario.

To keep it in perspective these are five Islamists in Canada, that we know of, who are practicing this cruel and barbaric treatment of animals. Moderate Muslims must also speak up against this Islamic barbaric cruelty to animals.








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