You’re Not Crazy: Radical Islam Wants You to Be Islamophobic

Islamic Activists want you to be Islamophobic. The recent Islamic parades of uniformly dressed black paraders winding in long lines through the streets of North America; the loudspeaker calls to prayer being blasted into neighborhoods, social media postings of (beware its gory) bloody animal slaughters, and self-flagellation (photo opposite), is all rather intimidating and disconcerting. Not to mention Islamic Activist’s very vocal and persistent attempts to assert Sharia Law into North America, a law that is overtly misogynist, anti-homosexual, and hates Jews and Christians.

Make no mistake, Islamic Activists want non-Muslims to be very afraid of Islam. They want non-Muslims to be Islamophobic. Islamic Activists orchestrate these uniformly dressed paraders in black through the streets of North America , as if they were a huge population. In reality, they are about 3% of the population. Moreover, if the Islamic Extremists and Activists are taken out of that 3%, it leaves about .03% of these “paraders” for Islam. This Islamic puffery seems to work because polls show that North American non-Muslims consistently over estimate the percentage of Muslims at about 20%.

The parades, the self-mutilation and shocking slaughter of animals on video for social media circulation, the loudspeaker Islamic calls to prayer when it could all be done quietly and respectfully, is all puffery to make Islam seem much bigger and bad-er than it actually is in North America. Islamic activists are literally amping up Islam’s presence with loud speakers to intimidate and unsettle. 

The message Islamic Activists hope to convey: Islam is more powerful than you, and if you do not obey Islamic Sharia Law there will be consequences. Those consequences are either in the form of be-headings by radical Islam; or, angry riots (courtesy of Western democratic freedom of assembly and speech) trying to claw away at free speech when it comes to cartoons of Mohammed. The underlying message is: you better not make us mad, or else – followed by  the Islamic Activist proclamation that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

“If you repeat a lie long enough it becomes the truth.” Adolph Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels

To be clear, there are many law-abiding Muslims who reject Sharia Law, and fight for Western democracy often with far more force than Westerners since they know Islam from the inside. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of violence, which we can see with our eyes. Your senses are not betraying you.

Gaslighting is when someone or a group tries to get you to defy your senses, and you ultimately capitulate to their authority. In the movie Gaslight,  the Gaslight-er sets out to:

“dim and brighten [the light] for no apparent reason. [The Gaslight-er] suggests that these are all figments of [the victims] imagination.”

While Islam terrorizes and kills Christians and Jews, most recently slaughtering Christians in Nigeria at a genocidal rate that is only now being reported by MSM, the lights are being dimmed and raised in Western democracies to create an uncomfortable and confused unrest. We are told not to fear Islam because Islam is a religion of peace. We can’t quite see what’s happening, and it’s disconcerting that all of our sense are telling us otherwise.

The gas lighting contradiction is this: be afraid of Islam [lights dimmed], but don’t speak against Islam because it is a religion of peace [light raised]. This is played out in, for example, Canada’s Motion 103 which provides special protections for Islamist Muslims so that they are free to push for Sharia Law, and have large demonstration parades, practice hate against women, Jews, Christians and homosexuals, in fact all “infidels”, with relative impunity. For example, this is the most recent example of a mosque and Islamic society spreading hate against Canadians, and supporting terrorism, that got a mere slap on the wrist.

Don’t allow this extremely small population of Islamic extremists and activists (versus moderate Islam) to dim our lights with puffery.

North America is made up of strong people of all religions, and no religion, a choice we are all free to make thanks to our Judeo-Christian roots that has been built on freedom, and not fear. Don’t be Islamophobic because you bow to the notion Islam is a victim to be protected above all others, nor because you fear Islam.

See right through the Islamic extremist, activism and be fully informed.

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