Why Did Greta Thunberg’s Entourage Choose Canada to Have a Climate Parade- During Our Election?

You’d be hard pressed to find your average Canadian in favour of polluting the planet because it would lead to our demise, or at the very least least harm future generations.

Generally, old and young, conservative and liberal are dutifully recycling, and many or most of us are now taking our reusable bags to the grocery store.

We are also a Western democracy where we have democratic elections to have our representatives enact laws, less then perfect though they may be, to prevent industries from dumping plastics or toxic wastes into our waters.

We whistle blow on clear cutters of trees. We protect rain forests, and our national parks. We have proven and demonstrated our Canadian will to protect our planet and future generations.

So why did the Greta Thunberg Entourage choose Canada for a Climate Change Parade, striking out at us as if we in The West were the great polluters in the world when we are one of the lowest?

Why preach to the very large Canadian climate choir, when there is a very large population of atheist Chinese to be converted to their climate cause?

Wouldn’t Greta Thunberg’s Entourage of Social-Communist Liberals time and emissions be better spent on China; or, holding seminars to preach a plant based instead of a meat-based diet to the now very large population of Islamists in their own Swedish back yard?  

Was it because Canada is in the midst of an election, and the Socialist-Communist Leaning Liberals who support the break down of Canadian border laws, are now poised to lose the election?

It was not Greta Thunberg, but Greta Thunberg’s Entourage of Socialist Communists who decided to spend their time, money and emissions coming to Canada giving the Socialist-Communists some free advertising dollars. Who can blame Andrew Scheer for not marching with Socialist-Communists?

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