Canadian Democracy Will Hold

It’s going to be a fight, but Canadian democracy is and will continue to hold against socialist-communists. As long as we continue to exercise our democratic rights, freedoms and responsibilities, like this one elderly woman, Canada will remain a democratic nation.

Socialist Communist Antifa roared and she didn’t back down. She knows what democracy is. She probably lived through WWII and can stomach screaming facists trying to threaten democracy.

Though, we are in a fight for our country.

In just the past twenty four hours in our Canadian election we’ve seen:

The Liberals take their Leftist rigged media out to dinner before a big debate.

While, the RCMP slam the the far right media into a wall and take him off in a van.

We’ve seen mobs of young Communists in Canada taking advantage of our democratic freedoms to parade their loyalty to Communist China, as they sing the Chinese national anthem against Democratic Chinese Canadians. It makes absolutely no sense unless Socialist-Communist Globalists have programmed young Chinese to do this.

We’ve seen these three young socialist-communists (who call themselves antifa) trying to prevent the elderly woman voter from attending a public election event by shouting at her and trying to interfere with her free movement .

Hold firm on democratic civility. Shouting at an elderly person is only allowed in deference to their failing hearing.

This elderly woman was not intimidated though. She knows her democratic rights, and the principal of “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.

She calmly exercised her democratic rights, and though shaken no doubt, she won.

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