Don Cherry’s *Accidental Truth Bomb That’s Not Being Denied*

Don Cherry sure dropped a cherry bomb on Hockey Night in Canada when he said what people were seeing, and no one to date is denying.* In large part, the visible majorities (previously minorities) in Canada’s largest cities are not wearing Remembrance Day poppies.

Nov 12-19 Update: Don Cherry has now clarified that he was referring to “everyone” and not visible majorities when he made the statement “You people love … you people that come here.” So, Don Cherry accidentally told the truth based on randomly selected photos of the crowds at Remembrance Day ceremonies, which squares up with the 12.7% of visible minorities that the Canadian military says signed up in 2018-2019.

Random Remembrance Day Photo

Naturally, the Canadian media immediately began to cauterize the wounded feelings of the visible majority with relentless attacks on Don Cherry. He was reviled on the nightly news for the “discrimination” in his remarks. Since discriminate means to “recognize a distinction; differentiate”, Cherry’s remarks were in fact discriminatory. He did recognize the distinction that there is a disproportionate absence of visible majorities, especially in the large cities, not wearing poppies – perhaps about the same disproportionate absence of visible majorities in the Canadian military. There is more to this though than meets the eye.

Random Remembrance Day Photo

As the CTV diversity trained cameras panned the crowds at the Remembrance Day ceremony, commentators lamented that getting people to remember Remembrance Day is getting hard because we live in a country that is so free and abundant. We have such easy lives, with no sons and daughters heading off to war with the heavy cloud of possibility that they will not return. The discussion continued along the lines of it getting harder to celebrate something in which you or your ancestors did not participate.

Hong Kong Protests

However, isn’t terrorism, war, dictators and communist rule very fresh in the memories of most visible majority migrants and refugees who fled these atrocities to come to democratic Canada? Isn’t this something one would want to wear a Remembrance Day poppy for every year in gratitude to Canada? Shouldn’t there be legions of new migrants and refugees in the Remembrance Day crowds in the cold and the rain for a ceremony every year kissing Canadian ground, and remembering the Canadian soldiers who gave their lives so they could come to this free and democratic nation?

Is this disconnect between gratitude for Canadian democratic freedoms and visible majority migrants/ refugees fleeing terrorism, and dictators and communism, more an issue of the Canadian educational system and media bowing to political correctness radicals, too afraid to assert Canadianism to a growing population of migrants and refugees?

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Random Remembrance Day Photo

Canadian military brass made their plea for more visible majority young people to join the military.

“The fact is, according to the Canadian military, of those joining the military in 2018-2019, “only 12.7% were visible minority”.

This was followed with  a Liberal plug for staying aligned with NATO and the United Nations and International ties. What was implied was that we must not rest our militarily wreathes along side the USA, with whom we have fought alongside in the Great Wars; and, Trump who is fighting a war against Globalism that includes dictators, communists, and terrorists with a penchant for global domination.

This is the Globalism trick taught in Canadian media and schools. Why can’t we all just get along, and unite the nations. Forget the war torn, terrorist dictatorships and communist leaders in the countries from which you fled to come to Canada with our democratic freedoms. There’d be no more war, no religion too, if we would just “imagine all the people living for today.” Do they teach the appeasing Neville Chamberlain in history class these days?


Nov 11, 2019. SportsNet chose to fire Don Cherry from hosting Hockey Night in Canada – on Remembrance Day, the day soldiers fought for our free speech, and for his role as co-host of Hockey Night in Canada, one of the most historically important symbols of Canada being hockey. A CTV poll, now removed, found 78% of Canadians were not offended by Cherry’s remarks.

*Nov 12, 2019 Don Cherry says that his remarks that people were coming here and not wearing poppies in remembrance of Canada’s soldiers, were not isolated to visible majority migrants, but rather he was referring broadly to all migrants be they from Ireland, Scotland, etc. Fair enough, but the fact remains that only a small fraction of migrants come from the United Kingdom and Overseas Territories.

Admissions of Permanent Residents by Top 10 Countries in 2017 as described below

*Nov 12-19: CBC is not really denying the truth, but is now providing selected anecdotal images versus the images in this article are random images of the crowds from Google Searches

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