Twitter’s Reported Policy Change on Child Sexual Exploitation is Adding Fuel to a Spreading Wildfire

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Statistics Canada reports a 233% jump in child pornography incidents in the last decade – and that’s in Canada, one of the least offending countries.

Yet Twitter recently reported a softening of its Child Sexual Exploitation Policy. The changes are at the very least confusing, and at most disturbing.

The March 2019 Twitter policy:

[now permits on the Twitter platform] discussions related to… attraction towards minors provided they don’t promote or glorify child sexual exploitation in any way” (emphasis in original); and, “artistic depictions of nude minors in a non-sexualized context or setting may be permitted in a limited number of scenarios.”

How do you make sense of Twitter’s new policy that permits pedophiles and child pornographers to discuss their “attraction towards minors” on their platform that Twitter designed to “promote ideas”, and simultaneously say they won’t tolerate pedophiles and child pornographers promoting their ideas on their platform?

Isn’t this new Twitter policy at its essence providing a platform for pedophiles and child pornographers to “promote” their pedophilia beyond the limited reach of their psychiatrists’ couch and onto a credible, global platform like Twitter?

How is this forced desensitizing of a sickness not “promoting” “attraction towards minors?” Why is Twitter doing this and did they not consider the consequences or at least other options to minimize the harm?

If Twitter is not going to suspend accounts any longer that discuss child sexual attraction, why not at the very least automatically mute or block their tweets? Those wanting to read anything from pedophiles and child pornographers would have to un-mute or un-block them .

Or, what about a policy that clearly identifies those pedophile/child pornographer accounts so that Twitter users who do not want to open a tweet and be exposed to pedophile discussions and child exploitation images that were placed there on the claim they are “artistic.”

The evening news warns viewers before allowing something to be broadcast that might be disturbing for any number of reasons. Did it not occur to Twitter to do the same?

These are dangerous times if you are a child. We need a Greta Thunberg to put out the wildfire of child pornography and pedophilia spreading across the globe.

The last thing the children of the world need is commercial businesses like Twitter pouring gasoline on pedophilia under the banner of tolerance.

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