China’s trying to entice the world to buy a cheap, fake version of democratic capitalism, as fake as a $20 Louis Vuiton (misspelling intentional) handbag. The Chinese government – and never forget we are talking about a Communist dictatorship from which the Chinese people flee to Western countries –  is currently sending out gift baskets filled with face masks to Western countries. As the French found out, its no gift. The Washington Post reports, it comes with an overt requirement that you buy the Chinese government’s  Huawei telecommunications equipment.

The USA and many Western countries have deemed the Huawei 5G telecommunications equipment a security risk that could infiltrate the infrastructure of Western countries with its shoddy, fall apart at the seams technology that spills out sensitive infrastructure data into the hands of the Chinese government. China has been working on a fix to this problem that allows them to hack into all the equipment, for a really, really long time.

As Global National reported: [Huawei] is barred from 5G networks in three Five Eyes allies because officials believe the risk that the company could use its access to the networks to spy for the Chinese government is too great. Huawei denies the allegations, but the company and its CFO Meng Wanzhou currently face dozens of criminal charges in the U.S. for corporate espionage and fraud.

Prime Minister Trudeau boldly professes his admiration for Communist leaders, even to the surprise of the far left media like CNN and New York Times, and his low tolerance for President Trump’s bold advancement of Democracy.

So it wasn’t surprising when President Trump wasn’t so quick to sacrifice American made face masks to a rude and ungrateful neighbour like Canada. Nor was it surprising that Justin Trudeau accepted a gift basket of knocked off face masks from Dictator Xi Jinping – many of which have had to be returned to China from various countries as defective in recent weeks.

Hopefully the Canadian government will figure out that there’s a no return policy on Communism, before it’s too late.

April 14, 2020: This is a link to a Tweet from CTV News regarding Huawei’s 5G networks. The CTV News article builds a ridiculous straw man argument that is deliberately insulting to the intelligence of Canadians, and then tears it down while shaming Canadians for believing such nonsense – that CTV made up or implied was widespread in the article. My Twitter replies to CTV never seem to make it past 10-11 Twitter users .

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