W.H.O is Masking Our Economic Recovery?

One thing is for sure, beating a doom and gloom drum has never done any one or any country any good. That is a path to failure. We instinctively know that. All the talk, mostly from the world’s Liberal Elites doom saying that the economy will never be the same or never recover, and it’s just awful, and there’s going to be suicides from job losses, and etc. is speaking doom and gloom over North America. Don’t buy it.

This is not to be Pollyanish about a very dark and serious situation in the middle of a pandemic. We have to be realistic. It’s just far more realistic to say that when we come through this, we will recover, “big time.”

It’s a universal principal that “what you focus on expands.”  A focus on a booming economy will bring us a quick economic recovery and shake off the Liberal Elites from infecting our minds otherwise.

The North American economy will bounce back “big time” for many reasons including the painfully earned, but usable lessons from Covid-19. Here are a few casual observations:

How much healthier are we all going to be having formed the hand washing habit?

We have all have learned to wash our hands to prevent the spread of disease, not just the coronavirus, but from all flus to colds. Keep the hand washing and forget the hand wringing. How many sick days will this save the economy going forward?  Sure, this assumes a coronavirus vaccine, but it’s coming.

How many new business or restructuring ideas have been incubating in coronavirus locked down entrepreneurs?

While we are under lock down or stay at home orders, instead of coronavirus, how many new businesses or restructuring ideas have been incubating in existing and new entrepreneurs? Sure, there are reports of increasing drinking and porn watching etc., but that’s not everybody. Maybe the next Bill Gates finally had a few weeks in coronavirus lockdown to think through and complete the business plan he’s had brewing for years.

How much will it add to the North American economy to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing back to North American?

How much will it add to the North American economy to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing back to North America from China? How many new jobs for the North American middle class? https://cynmaughan.com/2020/04/07/chinas-con-game-face-masks-for-our-democracy/

What else is going to help bring back our booming economy?

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