CBC Propaganda Tactics

Update April 30, 2020

These April 29 and 30, 2020 updates make CBC look all the more like a ridiculous communist Chinese government media outlet in their video that follows these updates. No one is saying the coronavirus was intentionally engineered in the Wuhan Virology Lab, but certainly the most likely source of the pandemic is the Wuhan Lab – where they test bats on coronavirus.

Also, why did we stop calling it the Wuhan Virus? By all accounts that is its proper and original name according to medical practices. That was before the WHO so perniciously announced we were to go against accepted medical practice and not call it by the name of its origin, the Wuhan Virus, but rather by the generic name COVID-19.

The Media also condemned anyone who referred to it by it’s proper name, the Chinese Virus or the Wuhan Virus, as racist. Just like PM Trudeau told us we had to call people entering Canada illegally “irregular” immigrants, instead of what they were and are based on the laws in Canada, “illegal immigrants.” And so it goes.

It seems many Canadian news organizations, CBC in particular, are taking an overtly straw man argument approach to hide their Liberal, socialist, quasi-communist propaganda and divert from the issues.

They make up a ridiculous straw man argument that they were able to find a few references for by a handful of extremists, suggesting that represents the opposing view, and then tear it down.

All while diverting from the actual critical issue of the Liberal betrayal of Canada being raised by the vast majority of pro-democracy conservatives. CBC apparently thinks no one will notice.

Note my twitter reply which provides a credible organization called the Washington Post that “Uncle Bob” presumably relied upon. It’s such an arrogant and condescending treatment of “Uncle Bob”, whom CBC chose to characterize as a presumably white, older male, that it kind of seems racist. Making it worse is that it’s the two CBC personalities that are the ones that are uninformed.

April 16, 2020: CNN is now also reporting the lab accident theory supporting “Uncle Bob”

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