Calling ‘Batshit’ on China’s Coronavirus Excuses

Update May 2, 2020. The evidence grows stronger that the Wuhan Virus originated as a result of a Wuhan Lab accident Instead of in the Wuhan Wet Market

Update April 21, 2020: The W.H.O. and China, and like-minded communist-centric mainstream media like the CBC , are now trying to cover their ‘batshit’ with a straw man argument. They pretend to argue against the theory that the coronavirus was engineered in a Wuhan lab. This is an argument that a rare few are making. It is not the central, substantive argument of many international scientists and investigators.

The central, substantive issue now being raised is that the coronavirus pandemic was the result of a sloppy lab accident in the Wuhan Virology Lab (not that it was intentionally engineered with intent to spread a pandemic) as opposed to bat to human transmission in the Wuhan wet market.

A lab accident in the Wuhan Virology Lab – which admittedly tests the coronavirus on bats – is a very plausible theory. It’s not a stretch to say that China was working feverishly to be the first to develop a coronavirus vaccine to protect its strangle hold on the pharmaceutical market in its often stated quest to replace the USA as the world’s super power.

Questions raised by Senator Tom Cotton are legitimate: why did China – apparently knowing about the lab accident – intentionally allow its Chinese citizens to travel to all parts of the world instead of shutting down external travel, and so while informing the world of a possible lethal pandemic? President Trump was one of the few, if not the only world leader, who made the astute decision to block incoming travel from China early on.

Most major publications are now reporting that US officials are looking into whether the coronavirus was the result of:

Theory #1: Bat in the Wuhan Wet Market

A bat to human transmission in the Wuhan wet market where various species of animals, including bats, are caged in crowded and unsanitary conditions. They are slaughtered live and sold as “warm meant”. Blood and body fluids intermingle and animal bites are likely. Apparently, however, the particular type of bat that carries the coronavirus is not in the region of Wuhan.

Either way, communist China’s indifference to human life – a hallmark of communism – is at the root.

It could be that China is now weighing the economic consequences of both theories to excuse their accidentally unleashing this pandemic on the world, and therefore which one they will foster and promote to their communist sympathizing media in the west.

The CBC is a mostly reliable comrade of China and has adopted the communist dictator nanny style of videos like this one mocking North Americans who think the coronavirus could have occurred in a lab. Oddly, CBC started this apparent disinformation campaign the day before, or just as, the first reports of the lab theory came out in the Washington Post.

The USA has renewed calls for the wet markets to be shut down which is probably the most costly for China.

This Scientific American article reports:

permanent ban on wildlife consumption [in the wet markets]… will stamp out an industry worth $76 billion and put approximately 14 million people out of jobs [in China], according to a 2017 report commissioned by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Scientific American

How much will it cost the communist Chinese government to apologize profusely and offer the world platitudes to better secure their labs and ensure this never happens again?

If China does offer such platitudes, who will believe their ‘batshit’?

Post Note: In case it needs to be said: the articles on my website about China are very specifically about communist China, and not the Chinese Canadians and Americans who have fled and disavowed communism to come to our free and democratic countries.

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