China’s Talking Into Your Head

The daily drip of clues that the communist Chinese government is dictating the content of most Canadian news was feeling a little like a technological water boarding of my frontal cortex. It was torturous to think about. Could it be true? Nah. Canada is an independent democracy.  

But why are most Canadian media outlets running daily stories that defend a brutal regime like communist China from which people flee for their lives, while vilifying our long time democratic ally the USA to which people run for their lives.

Just yesterday, the National Post published a seriously ridiculous argument that the Wuhan Virus, (or as the Chinese and WHO prefer, Covid-19) was brought to our Canadian “shores” by travellers from the USA.

Was this ridiculous sounding article the customary Communist writing style to an audience they assume doesn’t have access to international news and will obediently believe whatever they are told? Did they not realize how odd the reference to our “shores” would be when we have a land border with the USA?

Then there’s the CTV News. Last night they led with a story that the Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre was vandalized and that racism against the Chinese is escalating. The camera zoomed way, way, way in, on their primary evidence. All you could really make out was two “ll” and maybe it could say “kill”?

The day before the CBC News  led with a story about an “obvious minority” woman who was attacked with the attacker shouting “ “You people are why my daughter is sick.”

This was all good Chinese propaganda, but the problem was that the attacker was described by police as a South Asian man. Consequently, the CBC couldn’t default to the police-are-considering-hate-crime-charges-against a-bad-white-man script, so the CBC news reporter straight faced said “the police say there is no known motive.”

Lassie could you tell the motive was an attack on an Asian woman over the Wuhan Virus, and the ridiculousness of the motive being unknown was obvious. Is such an odd “news story” explained by a botched Chinese attempt to engineer a fake an attack on a Chinese woman, but the man, later identified with an English sounding name, was too South Asian looking, and the police reported him as such? All of this ridiculousness messes with your head.

1 dead, 5 missing in Canadian military helicopter crash during ...

This really messes with your Canadian heart. It wasn’t until half hour into the CBC newscast last night, after the above microscopic “ll” etchings to benefit Chinese propaganda interests,  that CBC reported five young, courageous Canadian Hero pilots were dead or missing in a helicopter crash in Greece. In “Canada” this would be the headline and the top story. In China, this is page four news.

This is all very bleak. However, yesterday, Global News published an investigative video explicating the reality that China has in fact infiltrated Canadian media. This is apparently also being revealed in other countries as well, that China is literally, not in an exasperated esoteric way, but literally infiltrating Canada with Chinese plants including Chinese students writing our news media.

It makes sense that we only get dripped hints of China’s infiltration of Canada because there are few media outlets that aren’t compromised by China. Based on PM Trudeau’s actions, like shutting down parliament over the coronavirus – Churchill had parliament continue even when they were being bombed in the London air raids –  he is under  the UN, WHO and Chinas’ totalitarian thumb.

Despite all of this, democracy will succeed, but it seems it will be an information war and your eyes and ears are the target. Don’t let China infiltrate them. Some may have a personality clash with him, but President Trump is  the loyal, very smart leader of our closest ally and democracy, and he has never been afraid to stand up to China.  Huddle against the USA Canada border. We are stronger together.

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