Trudeau: A Dangerous Wild Card in Western Democracy

The global pandemic dealt the globalist UN/WHO a really good hand to play in the globalism versus democracy political game. However, one communist dictator and two un-elected bureaucrat chiefs don’t trump a hand full of the unified leaders of the free West including the President, Prime Ministers, the EU, as well as democratic Taiwan.

Globalism is not going to win this and PM Trudeau’s persistent pass on joining the leaders of the free West in requiring an investigation into the Wuhan Virus makes him a dangerous wild card.

Dr. Aylward, the Canadian medical envoy for the WHO into the origins of the Wuhan coronavirus, and a very bad actor in the literal sense, made headlines when he was obviously pretending not to hear a question from the democratic Taiwanese reporter about the oppressive Chinese tactic to exclude Taiwan from the WHO.

That interview question got the world’s attention. A benign explanation is that Dr. Aylward did not want to get into political issues.That would have been okay. However, instead of simply saying that, as Western interviewees often do, he did a very bad acting job of pretending not to hear the question. Is he as arrogant and condescending  as his un-elected WHO globalist bureaucratic counterparts, or was he guilty as sin and scrambling?  How deep is China into the pockets of the WHO and Canada when a Canadian doctor is afraid or unwilling to answer a simple question from a democratic reporter?

To date, PM Trudeau is the only prominent Western leader not saying Canada will participate in the investigation about what China new and when. Whether the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab accident or the Wuhan wet market is not as important as knowing how and why China allowed international flights to leave Wuhan with tens of thousands of human incubators on board, and without warning the world what they knew: a virus had been unleashed that could be transmitted human to human.

Also, now that the world knows the coronavirus originated in China, and we know when China knew it, why has Chinese Dictator Xia Jinping not simply said, as would even the most disingenuous leader in at least a show of remorse and regret, “we are conducting an extensive investigation into how this horrific accident happened, and whoever failed to stop those flights leaving Wuhan China will be removed from their post immediately and tried for criminal negligence”.

There have been no such pronouncements from Dictator Jinping or the WHO showing even qualified regret for the devastation caused by the Wuhan Virus. Instead they send out condescending statements, which the Canadian media obediently reports that tries to turn the table on the world with inflated stories of hate crimes against Asian people.

No, Canadians are more sophisticated than that. We know exactly WHO covered up and who unleashed the coronavirus on the world, and it is a rare outlier of Canadian society that would take it out on their Chinese-Canadian neighbour.  We also know that any international student from China waiving the communist Chinese flag in the face of Hong Kong democratic freedom fighters on Vancouver streets are not our Canadian neighbours. They are Chinese propaganda plants.

Dictator Jinping must be a smart man, but why won’t he just fold’em instead of sitting by with his poker face. Trudeau is a wild card, and he is a Globalist, but he may not be entirely in the hand of Communist China.

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