The Look-Away Liberals and the China-UN Communist Infiltration of Canada

  • May 13, 2020
world commodity centre

AUGUST, 2020: Massive Warehouse facility

Oddly absent from national media, the Vancouver Courier quietly reports,

“Massive warehouse facility under construction in Surrey underscores China’s intention to make Canada a “belt and road” country”

“The massive $190 million, 470,000-square-foot complex, dubbed the “World Commodity Trade Center,” is a joint venture between a Chinese state-sponsored company and a local development firm. The centre, first conceived in Beijing, has four warehouses and two large exhibition halls — to be lined with Chinese and Canadian flags — strategically located in the Campbell Heights industrial zone between Vancouver International Airport and the United States border.”

Vancouver Courier
Coronavirus: India extends travel advisory to 12 more airports ...

JULY, 2020: Security of Canadian Embassies

“Chinese government-owned firm wins $6.8M contract to supply security equipment to Canada’s embassies”

National Post, July 16, 2020

“The contract for conveyor-style X-ray machines was awarded to Beijing-based Nuctech Company, a company owned by the Chinese government and founded by the son of former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jintao.”

MAY-JUNE, 2020: China and the UN’s Continuing Infiltration of Canada Under Trudeau.

Telecommunications / Infrastructure:

Chinese government telecommunications equipment is installed in Ottawa.

The Democratic 5 Eyes security organization (the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) banned the Chinese gov owned Huawei equipment because of its espionage capabilities. Canada held out on banning the Chinese espionage prone equipment, but about two weeks ago Telus and Bell announced they would only use Ericsson equipment, like Rogers.

Vancouver SkyTrain gets access to Telus' network in Dunsmuir tunnel

Now today we discover Telus installed the Chinese government equipment, not just anywhere, but in downtown Ottawa. This is sending a clear message to “little potato” as the Chinese government likes to call Trudeau. Rotten potato.

Exclusive: Did Huawei bring down Nortel? Corporate espionage ...

The face of the Chinese government’s Hauwei has been in the news because it is run by this woman whom the USA is after for having dealings with nuclear weapons seeking Iran, also in defiance of an international agreement.

Seniors Care Homes: BC and Trudeau Liberals Look Away -Where About 70-80% of Covid Deaths Occurred

In December 2019, two months before the Covid pandemic reached our shores from China, the Global and Mail was reporting that in selling Canadian nursing homes to China, neither Trudeau’s Navdeep Bains nor Horgan’s Adrian Dix included an oversight mechanism in the sale that would require China to maintain appropriate levels of staffing. Two months later 1,000’s of elderly Canadians, about 75% white, would die in the care homes due to lack of staffing.

Coronavirus: Minister admits PPE 'challenges and problems' - BBC News
How The News Lost Me –

Medical equipment manipulation and Canadian media manipulation.

Global News investigation reveals extensive infiltration by Chinese: government plants in medical equipment manipulation and including Canadian media. See also my blog post here of examples of Chinese influence in our Canadian media coverage.

Chinese researcher escorted from infectious disease lab amid RCMP ...

Medical Research:

The RCMP is investigating Chinese born scientist(s) working in Canada for espionage resulting from the transfer of deadly virus samples.

Knowing this, the Justin Trudeau Liberals trusted China to provide a Covid-19 vaccine developed by the Chinese military to inject into Canadians. This, instead of partnering with a trusted ally like Oxford University in the U.K.

1.A Canada’s National Research Council Strikes Deal with China to Test Coronavirus Vaccine

Update: August, 2020. It is being reported in mainstream media that this deal between China and Canada has fallen through.

1.B Even though in July 2019, a Chinese scientist is under RCMP investigation and was escorted off the premises of the Canadian National Research Council for sending Canadian samples back to China to aid China in being first to market for virus vaccines.. Dr. Xiangguo Qiu pictured above received the Governor General’s Innovation Awards. “Qiu maintains a close bond with China and visits frequently, and many Chinese students from a notable range of Chinese scientific facilities have joined her at the NML over the past decade.”

1.C Update June 14, 2020 It is now being reported by CBC that, even worse, Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, who came to Canada as an adult from China and described by the CBC as a “Canadian scientist sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months before RCMP asked to investigate. “

China's Shandong buys Canadian gold miner TMAC Resources for US ...

Two Canadian Gold Mines are About to be Purchased by the Chinese Government as made public in May/June 2020

2. A Liberals Stand By or Not Taking Steps to Disallow China to Buy a Major Canadian Gold Mine Resource. See also this Globe and Mail article

2. B Update: At least the second Canadian gold mine to be bought by China in Nunavut’s Hope Bay Gold Fields

3. China is Overtly Infiltrating Universities Across the Globe, very much Including Canada.

Growing evidence from highly credible Canadian sources that China has plants on the ground in Canadian universities who bully and intimidate students questioning China’s communist, totalitarian regime.

A Canadian RCMP Director, who studied at The University of British Columbia, and who had full access to highly sensitive information in the democratic counties’ 5 Eyes Alliance was charged with being a mole and leaking information to China.

Tim Hortons announces new approach following a disappointing 2019 ...

4. Just one recent example of computer industry infiltration of Canada.

Tim Horton’s, Canada’s (perhaps now former) beloved coffee chain, accepts investment from a major Chinese social media company to provide software support

Unless we want to live under UN/WHO/China tyranny with no freedoms and mindless group think worship of an oppressive dictator, we have to speak up. There’s a reason people flee China for the democratic West.

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