“The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

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Justin Trudeau in Black Face

Update: The post below was written prior to the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Also below is a statement from Trudeau on the subject. A tool authoritarian, totalitarians use to deceive is to tell such a huge lies that it’s difficult for people to fathom the enormity of the lie. Trudeau scolding tolerant Canadians for racism, without commenting on much less showing remorse for his outrageous acts of racism few of us can contemplate, is a huge lie.

Most of us did really stupid stuff at some point, but I seriously don’t know of anyone who did, or was even capable of, dressing up in black face. Since it was revealed that PM Trudeau did so. and on more than one occasion, this was his first real return to finger wagging at the millions of racists in Canada that live only in the minds of virtue signalling Liberals. It was truly a moment of “the pot calling the kettle black.”

Trudeau, a man who has dressed up in black face and mocked black and brown Canadians, came out to his podium today to dictate that:

“hate, violence, and discrimination have no place in Canada. This is not who we are as Canadians,” says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he condemns “significant increase in acts of racism” targeting Asian Canadians in recent months.

Canadians know, that Trudeau knows, what he is saying is not only hypocracy personified but untrue. His finger waging is the dictatorial equivalent of an “up yours” while carrying out a charade of democracy.

Trudeau and his cabinet are wagering that Canadians are weak willed enough that they will not only rationalize this hypocrisy, but will accept the false assault on the good character of all “Canadians” as a deserved shaming.

Trudeau could have said, but didn’t say, speak up if you see the one or two outliers of the 37 million Canadians being racist towards Asians. Instead he saddled all Canadians with a lie that has the consequence of making “Canadians” feel inferior to the noble Asians among us who tolerate our intolerance.

It’s safe to say, the vast majority of Canadians are tolerant, kind, intelligent people. We are not brute thugs that all go around attacking our Chinese-Canadian neighbours unable to distinguish the Communist Chinese government from the Chinese Canadians living and working along side us to make a better country. This is evidenced by the rare instances of racism against Chinese Canadians despite the coronavirus.

There appears to be four racist incidents reported in the past three months against Chinese Canadians. Incidents against women, children, the homeless, veterans, the disabled, etc while sometimes referred to in the media in general terms do not gain national attention.

Unfortunately, the incidents against Chinese Canadians although rare, do happen, and the Chinese government plants operating in Canada as described in this Global News investigation and who have infiltrated Canadian media undermine the legitimacy of the rare, but real incidents.

Photo: CBC

A recent example of a fake media plant were “protesters” at the courthouse for China’s Huawei, Meng Wanzhou international fraud hearing. Ironically enough the protesters were a fraud. It was only because of a persistent and curious reporter that the “protesters” revealed they were paid actors. Such infiltration and manipulation by China in Canada makes it hard to discern a staged event from the racist incidents like the ones reported below.

In one incident it was reported that the Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre was vandalized. The camera zoomed way, way, way in, on their primary evidence. All you could really make out was two “ll” and maybe it could say “kill”?

Another related incident was the much more obvious damage to the lion statutes at the entrance to China town. Unfortunately, again the racist attackers remain unidentified.

In the third incident, a reportedly “obvious minority” woman was attacked with the attacker shouting “ “You people are why my daughter is sick.”

The police described the attacker as a South Asian man. This undermined the idea that it was a racist attack since it was an Asian man apparently racially assualting an Asian woman. The attacker was later identified with an english sounding name.

In the fourth incident, and another case of identity confusion, a man walked up to a a First Nations woman walking her pit bull and punched her while making racial slurs against Asians, and blaming her for the coronavirus.

Anyone walking up and punching someone with a large pit bull can be assumed to have been on drugs or have some kind of mental health issue. Again, its hard to tell how much of it was driven by actual racism or a drug addled mind.

PM Trudeau may have been high when he dressed up in black face on more than one occasion, but the spectacle of him striding up to a podium as PM to shame the vast majority of 37 million “Canadians” for whom these racists incidents are abhorrent is what is not acceptable. It is especially unacceptable when a primary beneficiary of his finger wagging at Canadians is the communist Chinese government and its United Front of China.

China ramping up bullying and intimidation of activists in Canada ...
Photo: Globe & Mail

As reported by the Globe and Mail, but not in the main stream media and certainly not on the evening news, is the fact that there is a proven escalation of bullying and intimidation by Chinese plants against non-Asian and non-compliant Asian students on Canadian university campuses, and around the world who speak against the Chinese government.

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