Wealthy Liberals Watching the Theater of the Absurd

There’s no doubt that these ongoing riots being played out like live stream theater were probably orchestrated by and for the wealthy Liberal George Soros who pays Antifa actors pizza money for their walk-on parts. Oh, and they receive a propaganda speech to make them feel that their lives matter to the communist cause. They could care a less about Black Lives Matter.

In their CNN addled minds these actors inflicting death and destruction on their fellow human beings, black and white, is at least something and better than playing video games in the basement, and you get to steal stuff you feel entitled to take from…well it does matter from who.

The antifa actors have learned their lines well watching the drama that is CNN, but they are inauthentic, foreign sounding riotous chants that sound hollow and absurd.

Like the chants in Los Angeles to “eat all the rich people”, and in Toronto to “stop killing us.” There is one unproven allegation against the Toronto police who were, as far as it’s known, merely present when a woman fell to her death. Whether the police did anything even inappropriate is not only unknown, but not likely with even the family asking people to let the authorities first determine what happened. To extrapolate that one unproven event to “stop killing us” is absurd.

Language in an Absurdist play is often dislocated, full of cliches, puns, repetitions, and non sequiturs… The ridiculous, purposeless behaviour and talk give the plays a sometimes dazzling comic surface, but there is an underlying serious message of metaphysical distress.

The below video identifies the absurdity of Antifa’s message from an African American’s perspective.

Black critics of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa like Candace Owens fight to free African Americans from this 21st century enslavement by Democrats. The goal of the Democrats being to secure the Black vote by keeping Blacks in a sick lie that is gratitude for being kept in servitude.

The wealthy Liberal Democrat elite producers backing the live stream theatre watch from front row seats spotting the shots they’ll use for their ad campaign to blame Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Trump’s busy using the swamp water he’s been draining to put out their fires.

Trump’s one of the relatively few people in Washington that’s not hiring actors, and is not putting on an act. He has now laid down the law. The US will not tolerate rioting and looting.

There will be justice for George Floyd’s Black life. Trump will make sure of it. His horrifying murder was being used by Antifa to justify these riots by playwrights of anarchy trying to pin his legacy to the ground and kill it. Instead, the horror of his death will be replaced by a message of hope for African Americans because he was, by all accounts, a peaceful man who would have opposed the riots. In his words:

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