Communist Antifa: Opportunistic Violent Thugs Using Race to Inflame a War

Despite the appearance of this video being a black and white issue of racial rioting, this is almost certainly a small business owner in the capitalist West being beaten by communist Antifa thugs who came out of their basements to spread their communist misery virus.

Target Temporarily Closes Several Stores, Adjusts Hours Due to Riots

The question everyone’s been asking is this: How is looting Target bringing justice to George Floyd? Clearly, it appears irrational, absurd.

President Trump is now providing clarity on the issue by designating communist Antifa a terrorist organization. It is communist Antifa, that is the locus of what are essentially terrorist acts, and their looting from “capitalist” small business owners makes sense to the delusional mind of a raging communist anarchist.

Antifa, and now as this Black Lives Matter co-founder admits, effectively used George Floyd as a trojan horse to enter the capitalist West and reak havoc. They are in among peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters directing and producing, not a racial protest, but a violent protest against capitalism and here’s proof. (For some reason an embedded full screen on this Tweet isn’t available so here’s the link as well.)

Lawyer…..specializes in human rights….handing out explosive devices for arson attacks… from Pakistan…….


Socialist-Communist leaders in the West (Biden, Obama, Clinton, Trudeau, Merkel, etc) are more than happy to go along with this ruse which furthers their race war goals to collapse the capitalist West and be the elitist leaders of an Orwellian international oligarchy along with the UN, WHO and China among others.

George Floyd’s Black Life Matters to US , but not to Communist Antifa.

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