Rational People Kneeling to the Irrational

The last time seasoned experts knelt down to the irrational based on an adrenaline rush of emotion sweeping the country, exuberant computer geeks were wielding internet modems and convincing otherwise smart investors to fund companies that did not exist. The dot com bubble burst and the economy lost about $3.6 trillion in one week.

“Many investors foolishly ignored the fundamental rules of investing in the stock market, such as analyzing, studying market trends, and reviewing business plans. Instead, investors and entrepreneurs became preoccupied with new ideas that were not yet proven to have market potential. Furthermore, they ignored the blatant signs that the bubble was about to burst, as indicated by Larry Elliott, economics editor of “The Guardian.”” Moneycrashers.com

Here we are again with people who, for the most part, have no experience or training in governance making otherwise intelligent governors consider the irrational. This time instead of shiny faced young computer geeks we have a mob that is raping and pillaging our countries.

But yet again, intelligent people are kneeling to the wildly gesticulating mob’s signage scrawled out on cardboard box tops: de-fund the police.

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Like medieval witch hunters making their forceful pitch, the mob goes door to door, person to person naming and shaming those they feel have or may have interfered with their plan or slighted them in some way. The townspeople ready the stocks.

Just as the stocks of the dot com fiasco proved the absence of rational thought, there is no data or evidence to support the ambiguous, nebulous notion that a no police state would be sustainable. There is a great deal of data that it would cause catastrophic losses for everyone. Terrifyingly, this time, the mob admits knowing that their adventures in governance will cost people their lives and their livelihoods, and worse.

Still, weak-kneed politicians are falling on their knees to worship this nebulous cause built on the stated or implied lie that there is a genocide of police killing blacks.

A total of ten (10) African Americans out of a total of approximately 40 million were killed by the police. All but one were in a criminal context, but unarmed. Politicians bending a knee to this lie, set themselves in opposition to the 67% of law all law abiding taxpayers Liberal and Conservative, seeing the craziness of the moment. Truth is the solution to the craziness.

Here are some fundamentals.

  1. The number one destination for migrants of all colours is the USA.
  2. People, with rare exception seek pleasure and avoid pain. They would not choose to try and get into a country where the police abuse citizens and they have no chance of succeeding.
  3. Refugees are people who flee for their lives from countries where there is no democratically controlled police force. Refugees don’t flee the USA or Canada, except criminals fleeing prosecution.
  4. People want to feel safe. The knowledge that a police officer will show up who has the authority to use regulated force to defend and protect the innocent is a significant deterrent. Less police equals higher crime. More police equals less crime.
  5. No system is perfect. There are bad cops like there are bad teachers. It is part of life. We are all fallible.

People know these truths and that’s why across all political party lines 67% of Americans are against the idea of de-funding the police. At the same time, we are seeing politicians and athletes, for example Drew Brees, succumb to the irrational as they see people placed in the town stocks who have dared to express a rational thought.

Are we teetering on a dangerous precipice?

Hitler Youth targeted Boy Scouts | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Average, everyday German people were caught up in the Socialist Nazi party youth movement that swept Germany. Hitler knew the energy and appeal that the German youth would have and manipulated them for his purposes.

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