Practice Safe 6 Foot Social Distancing from Marxists Until There’s a Vaccine

There’s no doubt that we live in strange and difficult times. The so-called “BLM” movement of white and black Marxist indoctrinated university students, the leadership of whom often self-identify as lesbian or trans Marxists, along with actors from among the most vulnerable of society paid by the most elite, are trying to establish new social rules to divide and conquer Western democracy. Their stated goal is to beat down the bedrock of the West: the working middle class, especially white, straight people, and especially nuclear families and increasingly Christians, into submission.

They believe they can, and so far their “perception is reality” gig is working, enforce these new social rules through mob violence and property damage. They believe this because they actually do have the support of Democratic mayors and governors (and some Republicans afraid of the mob) who control the police, and most mainstream media who act as their PR firms.

These mainstream media outlets carefully edit video to tell tales the purpose of which is to instill fear in law abiding citizens, and increasingly to transmit these new, hoped for, societal rules that they have in mind: stay 6 feet away from we the violent mob, or you may be beaten, murdered or jailed. Don’t try calling the police because only the violent mob, or individual members of the violent mob trained in race baiting tactics, can call the police. Here are some recent examples of the Marxist mobs’ attempts to enforce new societal rules.

A few days ago, an upper middle class, white, St. Louis couple had white and black Marxists storming their private property. The mob broke down a metal gate to get to them and were shouting threats against them and that they would kill their dog. After calling the police, who failed to respond, the couple met the threat with passive resistance by displaying, but not using, their guns to defend themselves and their home. Now they may be charged by the black District Attorney for defending themselves . Most people have seen the video, but here is a link to how the mainstream media spun it. Here is what really happened according to the home owner who spoke to Fox News, which is completely supported by the video evidence.

Today, a white, middle class, pregnant woman tried to reason with an unknown black woman to stop calling her a racist. The white woman appears to have broken the imaginary Marxist rule of coming within 6 feet of the black woman’s daughter, and someone bumped into someone. This resulted in the black woman alleging the white woman was racist. The white woman in turn pled that she was sorry for whatever had happened to the black woman in her life, but that white people were not racist, neither was she, and to please leave her alone.

The black daughter and her mother were merciless: you dared to come too close to us, and now you are going to pay the price.

They deployed what is becoming the standard BLM Marxist tactics against middle class, nuclear families, especially white ones:  rapid fire verbal assaults full of lies and false accusations to stun and anger the person. This tactic works especially well on good people who believe in truth, and to be falsely accused is incredibly distressing.

The standard BLM Marxist tactic we are seeing consistently is: if your quarry tries to call the police keep the verbal distraction assault going until they show signs of anger. If your quarry tries to escape, run after them continuing to threaten them physically through posturing, but without touching them. If they have a vehicle,  get in front of or behind their vehicle and pretend that they tried to run you over.

Unfortunately, this tactic worked on the pregnant white woman, who despite doing everything so right and displaying enormous restraint, fell for the get-behind-the-vehicle tactic as she tried to escape, and the black woman banged on her vehicle. The white woman then displayed her gun to the black woman and her daughter in an attempt to flee without harm. Infuriatingly, the black woman and daughter knew the white woman was passive and calmly stood directly in front of her holding their phone to video the whole thing while continuing to call the white woman a racist. Displaying her gun led to the white pregnant woman having charges pending agent her, all for defending herself and her unborn baby. Here’s another good example of this tactic in action. There are many.

How do you respond to these BLM Marxist tactics? Do what this middle class, nuclear family, black man did. He was threatened across the street from his home for cleaning up the trash BLM had left in his neighborhood. Unfortunatelyn his middle class SUV and his having his daughter with him, representing a nuclear family, did not go unnoticed by the white, anti-nuclear family, indoctrinated university Marxists.

The Marxist lobbed a torrent of outrageously untrue verbal assaults (claiming the black father did not live where he lived) in an attempt to stun him. At first the black father tried to reason with the attacker, but caught himself and astutely stopped talking. Enraged by this, the Marxist then amped up the violent posturing without making physical contact. Again the black father did exactly the right thing: when confronted by a rabid dog frothing at the mouth, don’t try and reason with them, just quietly back away and get to safety.

Twitter Video

Fortunately, this white Marxist forget some of his training and failed to get in front of or behind the black father’s vehicle in order to claim he tried to run him over. The sophisticated response of the black father probably through him off his game. However, he did deploy a classic marxist tactic, and got the black father’s licence plate so that he can be harassed in future for daring to clean up his neighborhood – while keeping up the threats to harm the black father’s child.

It appears there may be times when it is safe to get within 6 feet, but only if you are skilled in don’t-mess-with-me combat (ex. a native New Yorker), you are in a safe area, surrounded by friendlies, and only one or two Marxists attempt an assault. This woman shows demonstrates how to defeat a university indoctrinated Marxist. It was obviously his first time practicing his Marxist tactics and it showed.

Twitter Video

So, the answer is not to comply with the  6 foot rule that the Marxists want to enforce and social distance ourselves from each other based on race or class. The answer is to be seen out and about with your immediate family and black and white friends enjoying life. Practice safe 6 foot social distancing to control the coronavirus, not to allow the Marxist children to control us.

This Marxist tantrum of over indulged, privileged, tenured white and black university professors and their students will soon exhaust itself, especially when they are sent to their room without their supper: free speech for all sides of the issues at university or no funding.

Meanwhile we can take what good has come from this. BLM used George Floyd as a cover for their Marxist agenda, but we can bring justice to his life by bringing in needed reforms to policing: getting the bad police out through policy changes that expose them, and rewarding the vast majority of good police by supporting them. We also need to put our efforts into developing a vaccine against the Marxistvirus through policy changes and de-funding those segments of society that are attacking our health and well-being. With every video lie from mainstream media that we watch, we develop antibodies and herd immunity.

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