Breaking Bread: Marxist “Christians” Breaking With the Faith?

High profile Democrat AOC is making headlines for cancelling Rep Ted Yoho from his work with the charity “Bread for the World”.

Even if you accept the below account of the exchange as described by AOC’s own Radical Left media at CNN, many or most people would say the same or much worse to AOC who is overtly trying to dismantle America and declare people racist based only on their political identity as if it’s her God given right.

“Yoho came up to Ocasio-Cortez outside the House steps on Monday and sparked a conversation about her position on unemployment and crime in New York City. Yoho said she was “disgusting” and told her she is out of her mind, according to The Hill. Ocasio-Cortez said he was being rude.

[AOC said that Yoho then said] ‘f**king bitch’ as he walked away, [while Yoho said he said] ‘bullshit’

Yoho apologized on the House floor to Ocasio-Cortez for the ‘abrupt manner of the conversation” he had with her, but he denied using the vulgar term’

An apology for a heated exchange with a Democrat was not good enough for AOC or the “Christian” organization “Bread for the World”.

“[Bread for the World] sought [Yoho’s] resignation as an action that reaffirms our commitment to coming alongside women and people of color, nationally and globally, as they continue to lead us to a more racially inclusive and equitable world.”

Problem is that nothing about the exchange involved AOC as a woman (except if you believe the “b**** word was used which Yoho denies saying he said “bull****, but even then) or a person of colour – unless of course you believe that saying anything aggressive to a person of colour is off limits.

What did happen by all accounts was that Yoho confronted AOC in an aggressive manner over the aggressive lies AOC has been telling, namely that the riots we are seeing with our own eyes are peaceful protests. According to AOC all that these “peaceful protesters” want is, ironically enough, “bread” to feed their families.

AOC’s contention was and is aggravatingly laughable when we see with our own eyes that none of the stores being looted and burned are grocery stores, but rather designer shoe, clothing and electronics stores. David Dorn, a Black grandfather was murdered by BLM as they stole a TV.

Tellingly, “Bread for the World” describes itself as a “collective”, a very Marxist term of the AOC, BLM, and “globalist” kind. “Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad.” Its leadership is dominated by people from Democrat run cities like Seattle, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Cancelling Rep Yoho appears to be a very political decision by “Bread for the World” having nothing to do with Christianity or Christian principles.

The take away is the Democratic cancel culture media narrative is violently Marxist: white people who don’t support Marxist BLM and vote for the orange man are very bad racists. The narrative also now appears to be: and we have some “Christian” organizations on board so you may be next if you are a Christian volunteer.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

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To be a Marxist, or “socialist” as most Democrats prefer, is antithetical to being a Christian. For one, Marxism is by definition atheist. Even if you were a deluded Christian Democrat who thinks the Democrats are the good Marxists kind and America would remain a Christian nation with no impact on practicing your faith, how do you explain Joe Biden promoting Islam be taught in public schools when, simultaneous with his promoting this plan: churches are not allowed singing and attendance is restricted, radical Islam is slaughtering Christians in a “near genocide” globally (BBC) and seeking to wipe Jews “off the map”, and numerous churches in the USA, Canada and globally are suddenly being burned to the ground and Christian statutes defaced by Marxist BLM rioters?

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