Biden Squad Trying to Uproot Judeo-Christian America

The back lawn of the White House with its trees and fountain.

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When Joe Biden was pleading at the Muslim Summit for a “million Muslim votes” he said:

” I’m here today to ask you to join me in a fight to rip this poison from our government root and stem by its poisonous root ” Joe Biden

March on Isengard by Matt Ferguson : lotr

Biden was not referring to President Trump as a poisonous individual. He was referring to the vast majority of Judeo-Christians that represent The West.

Toppling of Statues Triggers Reckoning Over Nation's History - WSJ

The Democrats are all about creating perception and what better image to reflect the uprooting of Judeo-Christian America than pulling up statutes by their figuratively cemented roots.

Antifa: Left-wing militants on the rise - BBC News

The Biden Democrats and its “Squad”, including Ilan Omar a Muslim who hates America and has said “the whole system of the US economy must be gutted”, want to uproot The West

like Saruman in the “Lord of the Rings.” He used strange looking, deformed and violent orks to roam the countryside and instill fear in the Judeo-Christian West.

Besides churches being torched and Biden announcing he wants Islam taught in public schools where the Bible is banned, the most high profile member of the Biden Democrat Squad, AOC, claimed that a Roman Catholic saint, who had tended to lepers and eventually died of the disease, was an example of “white supremacy” and must be rooted out.

“The goal of Socialism is [fully atheist] Communism” (Lenin). Make no mistake: the the goal of the Democrats in 2020 is to uproot the Judeo-Christian West.

However, our Judeo-Christian West of peace and prosperity has very deep, strong roots. The stress that the Socialist-Marxists, Anti Judeo-Christian Democrats are placing on our roots, as is the nature of God’s creation, will just make us stronger and more resilient.

Tree of Life (Disney) - Wikipedia

Our roots will not be pulled up by Antifa-BLM-Democrat voting university students jacked up on a Marxist prof’s delusions that money grows on dead Marxist trees, and the answer to everything is to reject God and operate under your own power and authority. There is evil among us, but it is powerless against the God fearing West.

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