Some Democrat Christians Quibble with QAnon As Their House Burns

(9 Minute Read) PLEASE NOTE: this post contains graphic information regarding the satanism and child trafficking that QAnon seeks to expose.


One thing on which QAnon and Anti-QAnons agree: QAnon is primarily focused on seeking to expose and bring to justice elite rings of child traffickers and pedophiles, and it is primarily made up of pro-Trump Christians. The adjacent being an example of the types of Jesus following tweets coming from QAnon. They also post about shocking, verifiable, global child trafficking and satanism, largely unreported or glossed over by mainstream media.

Tweet saying: "We're opening a tunnel , and here are two people dressed as ibex pretending to have sex"

Here is an an example of a satanic performance reported by QAnon that seemed crazy and unbelievable at first. However, it did happen in broad daylight among an audience that included at least one globalist elite, Angela Merkel. WARNING this is one of the shortened videos of this 2016 satanic ceremony, in Switzerland of all places. It is seriously disturbing. Some parts of this “performance” could be defended, by those so inclined, as medieval Swiss culture, sort of Halloween on steroids. However, the majority of it is, as described in QAnon accounts, indefensible satanism.

Mixed in with these verifiable events supporting the reality of QAnon’s so-called conspiracy theories, are some seemingly crazy QAnon associated theories. For example, now debunked, that a pedophile ring was being run out of a DC pizza shop with a dungeon basement. This gave fodder to Anti-QAnons to label the movement crazy, dangerous, conspiracy theorists.

Irrational, unwitting? Democrat Pastors and their arguments against QAnon

Just about as irrational as “pizzagate” though are the dedicated attacks on QAnon by some or a few Christian, and presumably Democrat, pastors. These anti-Qanon pastors were given a voice by Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN News) in which they claimed QAnon is a dangerous, satanic, conspiracy theory movement of pro-Trump supporters seeking to expose and bring to justice a mythological elite ring of child traffickers and pedophiles. They go so far as to say, oxymoronically, that it’s a satanic movement to expose satanic child traffickers and pedophile rings.

“Followers of the conspiracy theory believe that President Trump and military officials are working to expose a “deep state” pedophile ring with links to showbusiness, the media, and the Democratic Party. “

In an article he wrote for The Gospel Coalition, Carter said QAnon is a “political cult” and “satanic movement” that “poses a threat to the global church.” Christian Broadcasting Network

Anti-QAnons say QAnon is at heart a pro-Trump political movement – and then use it to argue their own pro-Biden politics.

In reality, President Trump has made negligible references to QAnon. He once retweeted an inconsequential tweet by a QAnon account, and more recently retweeted a fact based post about the shockingly low percentages of deaths from Covid based on CDC data. A Q sign also appeared in the background of one of his political rallies.

It is a natural inclination for those opposed to child trafficking and pedophiles to gravitate to a President who is also against, and has taken deliberate actions against, the same as opposed to the Democrat party that is heavily funded and supported by Hollywood and is largely at odds with Christianity over issues of porn and obscenity.

The Anti-QAnons say elite run pedophile and child trafficking rings are “conspiracy theory” – and then argue the existence of them.

As these anti-QAnon pastors continue to attack QAnon’s central tenant of the existence of elite child traffickers and pedophilia rings, they simultaneously admit they are increasingly being revealed. Within the last year: the global elite connected Jeffrey Epstein died in jail under mysterious circumstances while facing allegations of pedophilia. In the last few months, his partner Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested and is currently awaiting trial for effectively running a “pedophile ring” with “links to show business, the media, and the Democratic Party”.  The Anti-Qanon’s admit this while trying to twist the political truth that it is in fact the Democrat party that’s complicit with Epstein, writing:

…the financier Jeffrey Epstein was convicted in 2008 of sexual offenses with a 14-year-old girl, and arrested again in July 2019 on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors. Epstein was friends with numerous powerful elites, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew. In 2002, at the age of 56, Trump said, “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” The New York Times columnist James B. Stewart said that in an on background interview, Epstein “claimed to know a great deal about [rich and powerful] people, some of it potentially damaging or embarrassing, including details about their supposed sexual proclivities and recreational drug use.” The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About QAnon

Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell: an uncomfortable  connection | News Review | The Sunday Times

Witnesses in the upcoming trial allege in court documents, and there is photographic evidence to support them, that the “Democrat Party’s” Bill Clinton was on Epstein’s plane known to make regular runs to his island, which infers support of the allegations that Clinton went to Epstein’s pedophile island. What Clinton did there is not known. Plenty of other “show business” elites are alleged to have gone to Epstein’s Island in court documents as the case awaits trial.

These facts directly implicating Bill Clinton are omitted by the Anti-QAnon pastors (intentionally or due to CNN indoctrination) as is the fact that while acquainted with Epstein over a decade ago, Trump outed Epstein to the police. This is confirmed by the police in various print and video publications: Trump was acquainted with Epstein, but it is Trump that outed Epstein to the police.

Presumably unwittingly, the Anti-QAnon pastors omit key facts: Clinton’s alleged involvement with Epstein’s island in court records; Trump outed Epstein to the police; the Democrat Party had Joe Biden interviewed by by CardiB following her WAP porn video, to try and win an election.

In this current context of Liberal Democrat Hollywood leaders being scrutinized for pedophilia associations, Joe Biden chose to showcase himself by being interviewed by CardiB. He did so immediately following the release of CardiB’s porn video WAP (w** p***y) which many also oppose as strongly suggestive of beastiality. Is this not something Christian pastors should be spending their time questioning?

WARNING: highly disturbing.

Among the other names of “show business” people who are alleged to have been on Epstein’s alleged pedophile island is Chrissy Teigen, a very vocal opponent of President Trump. The adjacent tweet speaks for itself. If anyone had told me that anyone in show business or otherwise would publish such a post, I would have thought it was a crazy conspiracy theory against Hollywood, but here it is.

Plandemic: Conspiracy Theory?

The anti-QAnon Christian pastors also posit as proof positive that QAnon is a dangerous conspiracy movement based on the video “Plandemic”:

“Jon Thorngate, who is a pastor at LifeBridge in Wisconsin said church members shared a short film on Facebook called “Plandemic” that depicts COVID-19 as a tactic by government officials [Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates] to make money. ” Christian Broadcasting Network

There are many, many concerning aspects about the players involved with the Covid-19 pandemic and how they have handled the very real and highly contagious Covid-19. For starters, besides its close ties to communist China, the man heading up the Word Health Organization only “plays a doctor on TV”. That is, although he’s not an actual medical doctor, he refers to himself as “Dr. Tedros.” Tedros was also connected with some very dark criminal elements prior to being appointed to the WHO. Reuters puts it more delicately by allowing Tedros a doctor of philosophy:

“He is the first director-general in the WHO’s 72-year history not to be a medical doctor. Since taking the helm, he has instituted reforms at the U.N. agency’s headquarters in Geneva and 150 country offices, with a total of 7,000 staff….His surprise appointment that year of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador outraged Western donors and activists and he was forced to withdraw it.”

“Plandemic” provides widely available, authenticated video proof that Dr Facui and Bill Gates among others participated in a pretend pandemic with trial run rehearsals complete with news anchors’ reports, all of which turned out to be eerily similar to how Covid played out globally. However, one could argue the very purpose of a trial run is to come up with a plan to rely on in a panic, so call it a draw.

However, “Pandemic”s evidence of Gates’ vaccinating vulnerable Indian girls with an unproven vaccine in 2013 cannot be relegated to conspiracy. “Plandemic” provides first hand video testimony of the claim  Gates’ unproven vaccine caused paralysis and death on rural Indian girls. Such a claim seems highly dubious and implausible. It must be part of the conspiracy theory.

This is where things get very uneasy. While Bill Gates hotly denies the allegation, and a Reuter’s article title appears to falsify the entire claim boldly stating: “False claim: Bill Gates faces trial in India for testing vaccines on children”, the full article provides a different answer. Reuters says there are explanations for 5 of the 7 Indian girls’ deaths (which seems like a lot even without knowing the total vaccinated) and that their deaths were unrelated to Gates’ vaccine (drowning, suicides, etc). However, the article goes on to say:

On August 29, 2013 the Indian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare reported the vaccination trial by [the Gates organization’s] PATH committed several irregularities, including a “gross violation of the consent and legal requirement of consent” 

Even setting aside other evidence like video of Bill and Melinda Gates sharing a full-on laugh, not reported in mainstream media, about the fact that Covid-19 caught the world by surprise, but not them, it’s overall suspicious and disturbing.

Does taking the position that the bulk of mainstream media is corrupt, biased and fake make you a conspiracy theorist?

What is equally disturbing is that the anti-QAnon pastors are not at least acknowledging the valid questions raised in “Plandemic”. Is it possible that they are part of the Christian Left shockingly indoctrinated into a sort of CNN Cult that perpetuates the belief that mainstream media is telling the gospel truth? These anti-QAnon pastors provide the below data as proof of the dangers of conspiracy theorists that do not follow legitimate authority:

A 2018 poll from BGC found that 46% of self-identified evangelicals and 52% of those whose beliefs tagged them as evangelical “strongly agreed that the mainstream media produced fake news.” It also found that regular church attendance (at least once a month) correlated to believing that mainstream media promulgates fake news (77% compared with 68% of those who attend less regularly).” Quoted in the Christian Broadcasting Network article

CNN says protests 'fiery but mostly peaceful' while reporter pictured in  front of Kenosha burning to the ground | The Post Millennial

Believing the best in people is to believe that these pastors are good people that are unwittingly, exclusively indulging in Liberal news (the vast majority of media) and not balancing their media intake with outlets like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Hannity, and OANN, or on social medial and follow some vetted accounts to see the evidence themselves rather than hearing Liberal talking heads repeat “the narrative”. Is it actually the anti-QAnon pastors that are the unwitting, brain washed conspiracy theorists?

The Anti-QAnon Pastors should be looking at who makes up their fan base.

The anti-Anon pastors should be concerned with who their fans are. This is profile of an anti-QAnon poster, typical my experience, that gave CBN’s Anti-QAnon article the below rave review: “Artist+Writer+Witness @ New Age Church for #TheResistance, LGBTQ+, Atheists, Agnostics, A.I., ETs, Astrologers & Lawful Good Humans”

God bless you for posting this!!! This is exactly what is happening in the Church of Jesus Christ-it’s become corrupted with politics. “QAnon is incompatible with Christianity. QAnon is a “political cult” and “satanic movement” that “poses a threat to the global church.”

Anyone who doesn’t know there’s a globalist anti-Christian movement under foot, where late term abortion including babies killed in broad daylight, child trafficking, pedophilia rings, and violent riots going on led by self-identified Marxist-BLM Democrats is watching too much fake news, hasn’t read Revelations and is living under a rock – not on The Rock.

The anti-QAnon pastors are probably well intended globalist Democrat Christian pastors unwittingly distracted with attacking QAnon for its benignly seeking to bring child traffickers and pedophiles to justice, while their riotous anti-Christian Marxist Democrat house is on fire.

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