Liberals and Communist Sex Education

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What exactly was the point of Dr. Tam’s sex education announcement yesterday? Did the Public Health Agency of Canada really have something new or notable to say, or was it just the Liberal Communists nipping at our sheeple heels to let us know who’s boss of Canadian bedrooms? The official Canadian government Covid-19 sex statement was effectively directed at all Canadians given its ambiguity: “sex can be complicated in the time of COVID-19, especially for those without an intimate partner in their household or whose sexual partner is at higher risk for COVID-19.” Loyal Liberal Left media dutifully reported, complete with video, like an online sex ed class:

Canada’s top doctor dispensed some important sexual education today for those attempting to date during a pandemic: consider wearing a mask during sex…She recommends couples skip kissing and avoid “face-to-face contact or closeness” during sex, or “consider using a mask that covers the nose and mouth.”  CTV News

It’s not as if it wasn’t already obvious to everyone (with the exception of those needing  government assistance to understand the already saturated, plethora of federal and provincial instructions) to allow  6’ social distancing outside of your “bubble” and to wear a mask when among strangers in close quarters.

Maybe Dr. Tam’s statement yesterday could be explained by her announcing new medical research showing that Covid-19 was being transmitted through asymptomatic people during sex? No, Dr. Tam reinforced in the same breath that: “current evidence indicates there is a very low likelihood of contracting the novel coronavirus through semen or vaginal fluids”.

So, what was the point? Quite possibly the announcement was to amp up Trudeau-ian authoritarianism by implying Canadians cannot extrapolate that if it is a stranger in your bed, the same 6’ social distancing and mask rules apply. Or, alternatively, much more sinister, it was to make Canadians wary of even their close partners making them imaginary enemies who may infect them with disease.

It seems this Trudeau-ian dummy down treatment of Canadians, like the government funded CBC show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader”, is the result of the perfect Nanny State Storm. PM Trudeau taught grade school and has made his admiration for Chinese communism, a significant characteristic of which is controlling the masses, clear from the outset of his taking power. Trudeau’s Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, a former journalist and now also Finance Minister, runs her press conferences in the tone of a grade school teacher complete with bobble head to allow those who cannot follow her words to understand when she is reacting positively. Dr. Tam has been clear that she takes direction from the WHO/China which is largely run by globalist dictators many of whom in turn run impoverished countries where their people have not been allowed educational opportunities.

So, it should not be surprising that these Trudeau-ian “post national Canadian” globalists intend to lower the bar for Canadians. We are being communicated with at the lowest common denominator of the uneducated global masses, unable to read, understand or extrapolate from instructions without grade school level, repetitive communications to account for all circumstances.

This is not to minimize that Covid-19 measures are necessary to combat this highly contagious version of the flu, fatally dangerous to those with comorbidity (ex. obesity, diabetes), and caution with regards to the unknown lingering effects even on those who are asymptomatic. However, there is also little doubt that Covid-19 is being abused by the Radical Left as an opportunity to exert authority over free people in The West as a sort of global equalization of Marxist Socialist Communist misery.

These communist style measures are literally defacing us with little regard to the psychological outcomes, or worst case, if there has been consideration given to the outcomes, it is part of the radical left globalist agenda. First, masks obscured our identities among our fellow humans with conflicting medical information if they were even helpful or in fact harmful. Now, we are being “educated” to limit our “closeness” and mask ourselves with our close family. The psychological impact of this cannot have been overlooked prior to this Trudeau government announcement.

Trudeau, a wealthy former drama teacher of grade schoolers from an elite family, and Communism were made for each other. Neither require sharp intelligence or skills, rather authoritarian personalities and the belief they are superior to imaginary child-like followers who must be taught and constrained.

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