Trumping Trudeau

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PM Trudeau put his “Green New Deal” Globalist cards on the table this past week, officially pushing all of his chips to the far, radical Left and gambling there are enough die hard Liberals, far left NDP,  and beholding immigrants to make him a globalist dictator of the first post national state. A state formerly known as democratic Canada.  

However, Trudeau’s gambling instincts have failed him miserably this year. He believed he would win a majority in the last election and when reduced to a minority, he looked withered and a bit fumbling like a pre-dementia Joe Biden. Then he suffered another loss after paying huge amounts of Canadian taxpayer dollars to enhance both his globalist allies and his chances for a Security Council seat. After this bid to bask in the favor of his fellow globalists failed he grew out a beard and his hair which he oddly darkened like a jilted middle-aged lover trying to recover their former selfie appeal. Trudeau then shut down parliament, and began a new protocol comprised of his ambling out of his cottage to assure Canadians he was not going to rush them back to work, but rather linger over the opportunity to hand out money to voters. Everyday however, he was appearing more like a dishevelled homeless person, perhaps personifying the future, muttering revenge plots under his breath to those Canadians who saw him as a joker. These losses however did not deter Trudeau’s ambition to make Canada the first post national state, and it appears he is now willing to put it to a vote.

It’s true there are a lot of die-hard Liberals who will vote for Trudeau no matter what, clinging to memories of his early rise as the King of tolerance and selfies on the world stage, and feigning comfort with the Canadian economy plunging into a recession, while denying Trudeau’s plans for the Communist State of Canada. There are also a lot of  far left NDP-er’s who hate anyone working harder to earn more than their inflated union wages, and immigrants who think that Trudeau is magical enough to create a new country that will take from the rich, by force if necessary,  and who will happily remain to give to the poor,  with Trudeau pulling money growing from the trees of his green new deal.

Die hard Liberals, far left NDP and immigrants feeling beholden to the Liberal Party should remember though that only the rare few believed Trudeau when he said he intended to make Canada the first post national state in the globalist war against democracy, and here we are. You should believe Trudeau and his radical left US counterparts when they say they intend to put an end to the suburbs, single family homes, and put a capital gains tax on the homes you, at least for now, presently own. You will not be spared because you voted him. For Liberal millennials, CERB will run out and there is no promise of any social safety when it does. Neither did Trudeau promise immigrants that they will continue to have a middle-class lifestyle after this honeymoon phase of free health care and settlement camps in 4 star hotel rooms can no longer be maintained. Look at Venezuela and the countries you have left to see your future.

On the other hand, the cards Trump is holding are not crazy wild cards.  He holds a proven hand that has made the USA the most profitable, safe and tolerant nation in recorded history. The deal is: work and be innovative and you and your family will be rewarded with a comfortable and happy lifestyle. For the able bodied that don’t want to work, and you can and prefer to juggle bureaucratic hoops there is still a safety net, but it is unpleasant and low income. The choice is yours.

As annoying as it is that there’s a top 1% that won the genes or some invention lottery pool and who hold vast amounts of money, many of whom are undeserving, that is the price of freedom and democracy. Greedy dictators and wannabe dictators jacked up on virtue signalling Marxist prof lectures, are driven crazy by the top 1%, and they are willing to sacrifice freedom and democracy to take their money under the guise of helping the poor: enter Trudeau. Trump, is the trump card, and O’Toole’s Canadian democracy card, that will bring down Trudeau and his radical Left’s house of cards.

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