PM Trudeau’s Colour Wheel of Fortune

(3 Minutes Read) Trudeau’s $221 million handout today was not just an announcement to favour Blacks in Canada above all the other colours. It was also a condescending lie that Blacks are not competitive enough to be granted loans based on  ingenuity, intelligence, and hard work like all the other colours. It is an announcement that disrespects existing Black business owners who worked hard to build their businesses through skill and ability. Now their businesses will generally be dismissed as the result of a government handout.

But it was more than that even. This announcement effects everyone of all skin colours. It was an announcement that the democratic Canadian game will be rigged under Trudeau. In Trudeau’s rigged economy, all the other colours can save and strive to build a business but come in second to a Black person just because of the color of their skin.

Academia, Trudeau’s home turf, has practiced this for years. A few of those universities whose admissions are based on skin colour instead of academic merit are now being sued. Students on the tan, olive or white skin color spectrum who worked hard to get high grades in a subject that they genuinely loved and wanted to make their life’s work,  were refused because of academia’s published rule book on admittance quotas.

Trudeau doesn’t provide a plan for how his bureaucracies will assess colour. Do they plan to hold up color swatches to the business applicant’s skin to see if they qualify? Will someone with two grandparents of a certain ancestry be legally disqualified like in Nazi Germany? What if someone says they feel black, and identify as black, but they appear to the decision maker as white? Will they have different light settings in their offices to test in natural sunlight? Will someone come up with a rule book or will it be based on the judgement of unelected bureaucrats?

The rules in sports for transgender people have proven the bureaucratic mess that result in these types of supremacist tactics. Transgender males were given a leg up over the competition with the result that individual trans gender biological males were not shy about asserting their new found supremacy and competing against biological girls knowing they can beat them handily and win the prize. This is not to say that transgenders need support to protect them against discrimination, but it must be balanced and proportionate, not supremacist.

Does Trudeau not think that black business owners who are being specially financed are not smart enough to use their new supremacy over their non-black business competition, and buy them out? Trudeau is not the sharpest tool in the box, but he does know that holding certain colours down while elevating other colours means the other colours will not work in the post national state formally known as Canada. This virtue project money provided by Canadian tax payers to cover for Trudeau’s Black Face scandals (yes, Trudeau, the great moral supremacist finger wagging against racism has dressed in black face so many times he can’t remember how many) is himself a closeted racist) will run out.  We need an election and fast.

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