Big Tent Party Politics and Pitching the Idea of Work

  • September 11, 2020

(4 Minutes Read)

To Liberal Left readers, don’t shoot me for saying this, but most of our homeless population are able bodied and can work, they just don’t know it. Or, if they do know it, they have ceased to care.

More than likely no one at any time in their lives has cared enough for the homeless to require more of them than to lie down in a tent encampment, and waste their lives on drugs. This is of course with the exception of those who are mentally ill and require the whole hearted support of Canadians.

At best, these Liberal housing advocates are well intended permissive parents, at worst Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy parents who are not allowing the homeless to thrive. It’s a lot easier to give a crying baby candy than to take the time to make them eat the broccoli.

Many of the homeless are no more than teen aged children who have no idea that beneath their drug addled minds, they are valuable, capable and competent humans.

We need politicians with the courage and funding to once and for all have experts evaluate the hundreds of homeless on our streets for actual mental health issues, that do require ongoing government housing, from those who are capable of living independent, happy lives.

After sitting through one of the U of T “Teach In’s” yesterday it is clear that Liberal academic advocates are living in a delusional, echo chamber of uneducated group think. Seriously. It was stunning. The “teachers”/professors  were people who by their own admission and/or bio indicate they have not gone through the rigors of academic work because it was not full filling or whatever.

Not that the homeless and their advocates are not sharp as tacks when it comes to money. Astutely, they now pitch their tents on prime real estate in parks next to safe and clean family homes made up of people raising kids and paying taxes. It costs the homeless nothing to enjoy the same amenities. The sweat equity put into their tent is no more than an hour to put some stakes in the ground.

Governments then move these homeless encampments around like unwanted foster children following the understandable complaints of neighbours experiencing the inevitable sky rocketing crime and health issues associated with homelessness and drugs.

Many or most of the homeless are capable, with help by, for example, Habitat for Humanity, to build their own homes. If someone would literally provide the tools and materials, the currently homeless can become home owners on land that makes economic sense, and outside the comfortable range of drug dealers.

Ideally, it would also be land that’s an easy commute to jobs that we currently have to bring in foreign labourers to fill. Those foreign labourers are now creating a new consumer group of victims for which Liberal housing and health advocates demand funding from Canadian tax payers.

Homeless people, like everyone, deserve a friend that will tell them the truth, not what they want to hear – there are plenty of politicians and Liberal advocates that are more than willing to do just that.

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