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According to Stats Canada 70%-80% of Covid deaths are the elderly, of which about 75% are white and in Quebec Long Term Care Homes.

70-80% of Covid-19 related deaths are white elderly Canadians over the age of 65. The death toll as of June 15, 2020: 8, 213

The Canadian and provincial governments’ neglect of our elderly, the vast majority of whom are white, only came to light because the Canadian military was sent in to assist when home care workers went off the job fearing they would get, or had symptoms of, Covid.

The military who sees the worst of third world countries issued a report describing horrific conditions in our long term care homes: our Canadian elderly were dying, starving, and living in bug infested filth. Those are the facts.

It was preventable: the Canadian Gov allowed the Chinese Gov to buy Canadian Seniors Care Homes without oversight while many other homes were already reporting serious problems to the government. This is where about 70-80% of Covid deaths occurred.

In December 2019, two months before the Covid pandemic reached our shores from China, the Global and Mail was reporting that in selling Canadian nursing homes to China, neither Trudeau’s Navdeep Bains nor Horgan’s Adrian Dix included an oversight mechanism in the sale that would require China to maintain appropriate levels of staffing. Two months later 1,000’s of elderly Canadians, about 75% white, would die in the care homes due to lack of staffing.

Canada’s death rate of our elderly was twice that of any other industrialized country – in the world.

The analysis released Thursday by the Canadian Institute for Health Information provides a damning snapshot of senior care [in Canada] as of May 25, when long-term care [Canadian] residents made up 81 per cent of all reported COVID-19 deaths in the country compared to an average of 42 per cent among all countries studied.” CBC News

This is the gas lighting announcement PM Trudeau made today:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected Black Canadians and put a spotlight on inequality [for Blacks]…”

Based on this false pronouncement Trudeau is giving over $220 million dollars in funding to Black Canadian entrepreneurs. In doing so, Trudeau is not only announcing he is rigging the game, but that he is no longer going to pretend to be honest with Canadians by even referencing the truth that it is the white, elderly who are in fact disproportionately effected by Covid.

Trudeau is transforming himself every day into the communist Chinese style dictatorship he openly admires, complete with gas lighting Canadians into thinking…”but what about the nursing homes….I must have misunderstood?….it was really Blacks most effected?”

One can only hope either Trump wins in November and the US-Canada border opens to those wanting to escape Trudeau’s post national Canadian dictatorship, or there is a Canadian election called, O’Tool wins, and he is able to resist the urge of the dictatorship for which Trudeau has been laying the foundation.

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