The “Big Short” on Trump Votes? Just Asking “Big Tech”, Just Asking

(1 Minute Read) Did the Democrats look at the size of the Trump rallies and know the poll numbers coming from their Democrat media pollsters, while happily suppressing the Trump vote for them, were heavily skewed in their favour because of “shy Trump voters”? Did they look at the number of Democrat run states and speculate what would happen if they had their supporters, Millennial and Gen Z Marxists – a demographic now normalized to cheating in school – and no holds barred radical feminists volunteer to do the ballot counting, especially given the already fuzzy mail-in ballot rules?

Did the Republican “Never Trumpers”, who hate Trump more than Marxism and freedom itself, look at the Democrat pollster’s polls versus the size of the Trump rallies and want to do so something more than endorse Biden to defeat Trump? Did they fund or help Libertarian and “Constitution” candidates to siphon off conservative votes from Trump to squeak in an election for Biden in what they knew would be a very close race, or what they could make be a very close race with the help of their ballot counting supporters?

If not, this is all a very happy coincidence for the Democrats and the Never Trumpers.

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