(1 Minute Read) Update: Dec. 14-20. Based on the data and their odd behavior, I agree with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s recent comments that people within Fox News were almost certainly “in on it”.

First, Fox News called Arizona for Biden with over 600,000 votes still to count. Calling a state with this proportion of outstanding votes is almost unheard of and commonsensically absurd. This is evidenced by the fact that no other network called Arizona on election night, and in fact held off for days. It could be argued that California is always called really early. However, California has been solidly Democrat for decades, and the chances of the entire state flipping Republican are almost nil.

The problem is that Fox News called Arizona, an entrenched Republican state for which it would be a stunning upset to have it go Democrat, and they did it with over 600,000 votes still to count. Plus, Fox News didn’t just call it, they were emphatic, cocky even. about it. It was so noticeable I blogged about the odd behavior of Fox News on election night below.

The Fox News “Decision Room” was given multiple opportunities by their stunned anchors to clarify or withdraw the bizarre early call of Arizona for Biden. The Decision Room statistician finally appeared on set in person, and the anchors asked, “are you sure? to which they received a smiling and flippant “yeah, yeah.”

It’s in the realm of possibility that Fox News Decision Room’s calling Arizona for Biden was because they wanted to be the first to make the call and show off their superior statistical projection abilities. However, would a major network use their airwaves so a statistician could flex their muscles, andn gamble on a huge embarrassment, especially on the heels of their horrific polling errors?

Also, with the final margin between Trump and Biden being razor thin, about 10,000 votes, what are the odds the “Decision Room” knew with such cocky certainty that Biden would flip the Republican stronghold of Arizona. The odds that individuals within Fox News were “in on it” is about the survival rate of Covid: 99.5%.

November 10, 2020 Original Blog Post.

As the experts continue to find evidence of voter fraud, even to the casual observer the circumstantial events of election night were clearly suggestive, at the very least, of political interference. It all started out with the Fox News “magic board” filling in Arizona dark blue indicating Biden had flipped Arizona. What?! This was a stunning upset that would change the trajectory of the election in favour of Biden – and with 600,000 votes or more still to count.

The Fox News anchors were equally stunned. “Is that a mistake” they asked their control room. A perspiring young Fox News pollster came on the set and confirmed the “magic board” was correct: Biden had flipped Arizona.  It seemed more like an Ouija board with Democrat hands all over it.

It not only shifted the trajectory of the paths to victory, but interfered with the still many Republican voters (typically Fox News viewers) standing in long line ups to vote. The Trump Team sent out tweets asking people to stay in line and keep voting, that Arizona was not flipping blue but would be ultimately won by President Trump if he maintained the predicted 57% of remaining votes.

The man in charge of the presumptuously and perhaps tellingly named Fox News “decision room” for the “magic board” then appeared on set. He also confirmed the magic board was correct based on their poll data (the same data that had predicted Biden winning in a Blue Wave landslide that clearly was not happening) showed that Biden would ultimately win Arizona. Oh, and he admitted to being a Democrat campaign advisor before being hired by Fox News. Nothing like “getting ahead” of the story, while telling the story.

As the night went on President Trump continued to be ahead by significant margins in the swing states. However, the “decision room” told viewers to not put much weight on that because the magic board at Fox News somehow knew that those states would get colored in dark blue once the mail-in ballots were counted. Wait, what?

The mail-in ballots, known to be largely Democrat and the ones that would have been received in the weeks before election day and prior to the largely in-person Republican voters, those mail-in ballots? Why would any state wait until after election day to count them? Fox News said that only one state was told by their law makers the mail-in ballots would have to be counted after the in-person ballots. So, what about all the other states that sat on their mail-in ballots for weeks and were only now torturing the country with what they contained. Then it was announced many states’ ballot counters were going home for the night and would resume the next morning. What? Also, why was it only Democrat run swing states that had failed to count their mail-in ballots?

The Democrats then had Biden make a statement that he 100% had won the election and that fact will be proven once all the ballots were counted. So, why not wait until the ballots were counted? There was no need to make such a statement, and it is highly unusual to announce you won the game during half time. C’mon man, what’s wrong with you – or does the Democrat ballot counting machine know something we don’t know?

Biden’s announcement, and his even more strident subsequent announcement a few hours later, that he had won even though we could see there were still millions of votes still to be counted, felt like a third world dictator trying to control the masses. We were being boiled like frogs, increasing the temperature a little bit every hour, so we didn’t notice that our democracy books had been cooked and we were done.

Then Republicans started posting on social media that videos showing that legally present, official Republican ballot observers were being blocked from observing the ballot counting. Windows were covered with cardboard and barricades were put up to prevent the observation of votes being counted.

Moreover, in Democrat run PA, Conservative media advised that the authorities responsible for ensuring an impartial ballot count had openly disobeyed a judicial order to set aside mail-in ballots arriving after the polls closed because they may not be permissible pending a court decision. Those ballots and others like them were used like a USPS truck hauling Biden votes to drive down Trump’s significant leads in the swing states and flip them to Biden.

Trump maintained that he would ultimately win the election, and anyone with common sense knew that was almost certainly true based on the literally handful of people at Biden “rallies” versus the thousands of people filling arenas for Trump. For Biden to win, the Democrat powers would have to run their media network “magic boards” like Ouija board masters.

As predicted, their boards coloured in Michigan and Wisconsin Biden Blue, but would not color Alaska and North Carolina Republican Red despite all four states having approximately the same amount of certainty. This gave Biden the perceptual advantage of making it seem as if it were 253 to 213 in his favour. Then the “magic board” announced Biden had won Georgia as well, and the election was over according to the Democrat Ouija boarders. The Biden Democrat ballot counting machine was ready for Biden’s coronation, and asked so-called racist, homophobic Republican voters to accept the result and join them in unity.

No, we are not going to join in on the fraud. We are not boiled frogs. We want to see behind the barricades and the frosted glass. The innocent have nothing to hide. You can run for President, but you can’t hide from election fraud Joe Biden.

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