What About All the Lost Ballots That Have *Not Been Found?

(2 Minute Read) A few weeks ago, there were isolated reports from across the US that a few hundred or so ballots were being found in dumpsters. They were always, primarily for Trump. It was deeply concerning, but as the media lamented: relax, there are too few of them to change the outcome of the election. Now, in the ballot recounts underway in various counties and states more ballots are being found, this time in or around poll workers’ desks. A few hundred ballots here, and a few thousand there are found with Trump being the prime beneficiary. Alas, the media reports, these too are not enough to change the outcome of the election.

“For Every Rat You See, There’s 50 You Don’t”, Dr. Phil

What is the human psychology behind these mysterious ballots being found in dumpsters and poll workers desks? It doesn’t take a Phd in Psychology to realize the hatred Democrats have for Republicans, and especially President Trump. They have demonstrated this in the streets with rioting, looting and burning, and now personally attacking Republicans with doxing and chanting outside their homes to pester and disturb them into relenting to their demands to concede the election.

So, it is certainly easy to imagine that even the most otherwise straight laced Democrat poll worker, in their enraged passion to defeat Trump, might stop counting a stack of ballots on the realization they are mostly for their most hated enemy, and then forget where they put them.

Presumably Dr. Phil is still a dedicated Democrat, however, I think even he would call on this favourite adage from his Dad: “for every rat you see, there’s 50 you don’t.” This wisdom is applied to the compulsive liars and cheaters that come on his show:

“To assume that everything you see is everything there is, would really be naive,” McGraw said, also recommending that someone objective outside of the family and their community take a closer look at the situation. “I just don’t believe that the whole truth has come out yet.”

It is naïve to assume that the rats we are seeing are the only rats to be seen. Especially when Republican observers’ ability to see is being hindered by extreme poll worker Covid precautions (changing the 6′ foot rule to a 20-100′ foot rule.) If there ever was a need for an objective auditor from outside the state to take a closer look at the situation, this is it. For every rat cluster of ballots we’re seeing, there are almost certainly about 50 being hidden. There are probably rats and bugs to be seen in the electronics used in the Democrat run swing states as well. Pray to God the court challenges require audits.

“I just don’t believe that the whole truth has come out yet.”

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