The Public Hearing that Heard The Call of The Liberty Bell in PA

(1 Minute Read) What became clear at the public hearing in Pennsylvania today is that foreign and domestic fraudsters didn’t just try to steal the Presidential election for Biden. They also tried to steal, with the cooperation of the courts, the authority of elected state legislatures. They did this by trying to create precedent that unelected bureaucrats be allowed to make up ad hoc rules in elections.

“On this day, history is changing for our country and our state back in Gettysburg once again.”

Senator Mastriano at the Public Hearing on Election Fraud in Pennsylvania

The ad hoc rules that unelected election workers made up, as attested to by highly credible observers under oath, include: election “observers” had to be  20-150’ or more from “observing” the ballots being counted regardless that this clearly prevented them from doing their work of being able to observe such things as whether there was a signature on a mail-in ballot; there was no need to investigate a man uploading data from a thumb drive into the election computer, resulting in hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden and only 3,200 votes for Trump; Republican observers trying to do their job and anyone wanting an investigation afterwards into election fraud may be subject to physical threats and doxed. The evidence of this thug behavior is online. It’s as if these dictatorship thugs were putting a head on a pike to ward off any future attempts to question them.

How did these domestic-foreign Marxist-Communist thugs become so brazen? Maybe the Democrats are so arrogant that they really believed the goon tactics that work in dictatorship run countries could be replicated in the US and Americans would not fight back. Maybe they made the critical error of believing their own ridiculous, cartoonish propaganda about stupid Americans focused on issues like 8 year old transgender operations than in defending their country and liberty.  Marxist-Communists are really that stupid and arrogant.

As Trump’s legal team pointed out the state legislature can simply take back the authority they delegated to these unelected elections officials. Moreover, they can have a Special Prosecutor investigate them for criminal activity.

Moreover, the state legislature has the sole authority to: refuse to certify the elections results and/or  decide a remedy, for example, an actual audit (not just recounting illegal ballots), or simply removing the known illegal ballots i.e. those ballots counted where it is proven Republican observers were not allowed to observe as required by law.

The witnesses who came forward under oath today deserve some kind of a medal of honor for their bravery considering the known threats and doxing that others have suffered at the hands of the Socialist-Marxist-Communists trying to steal the election for Biden, and the Democrats allowing it, or worse, participating in it.

Liberty Bell rang loudly today.

As Senator Mastriano quoted at the public hearing today in Pennsylvania:

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:31-32.

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