Give Me a Brrake: Powell Delivered Specificity in Election Fraud Allegations Despite Typos

(1 Minute Read) The complaints about typos in the Sidney Powell legal submission yesterday are more than fair – if they had, had a year to investigate and prepare them instead of a few weeks, and if they were filing allegations of fraud against one rogue election official instead of the Governor of Georgia on down of election workers.

Based on the coverage this morning, it feels like a possible outcasting of Powell and her team even by some conservative media. It perhaps began when, apparently, Powell was not sharing her evidence with Trump’s legal team. This would reasonably demand a prudent decision by the Trump legal team to distance themselves from her not knowing what the cards were that she was holding so close to her chest. Was one of them a wild card or worse, the Joker?

Looking at Powell’s legal submissions, and I am no lawyer, but it does seem that Powell is holding a very solid hand assuming the evidence holds up. It seems highly unlikely it will fall apart. Powell does not seem like a jokey kind of person.

Among the highly credible “affiants” (who have sworn in affidavits under oath what they are saying is true) is a “secret witness”. He claims first hand knowledge of the criminal intent designed into the software developed in Venezuela and still running in the Dominion Voting machines used in the 2020 election.

Who knows, but maybe it was because Powell has a legal duty to the “secret witness” who had demands of their own for confidentiality.  Whatever the case, the Trump legal team appears to wish Powell well in her separate lawsuits. Powell and her team are also apparently content to pursue proceedings separately having yesterday delivered on their legal submissions alleging widespread election fraud in the electronic and physical handling of ballots in Georgia.

In their legal submissions, the Powell team revealed the specific evidence they have of the methods and numbers determined by named, highly qualified people  (including Phd’s, and a  Princeton Professor) for the electronic side of the  election fraud tied to Dominion Voting Systems, and its ancestry of foreign, criminal voter fraud software.

The Powell team also delivered in their submission on the physical handling of ballots amounting to election fraud. They provided specific names, positions, places, times etc of the goings on in the ballot counting centers, including the huge discrepancy in the number of ballots mailed out versus received and/or counted, and the physical moving of ballots from Trump’s tray to Biden or the Libertarians’ candidate by election workers.

In all, the allegations are supported by highly qualified people swearing under oath the election was rigged, and the numbers of rigged ballots are more than enough to change the election in Trump’s favor. The legal submissions also appear to be on very safe legal ground in their requests to prevent a certification of the election results based on an election rife with fraud in Georgia, and including for example, a forensic audit, or simply removing the illegal votes and calling the Georgia election for Trump.

So why are even conservative media like NewsMax focused on highlighting the typos in the Powell team’s legal submissions instead of reviewing the content? That seems cruel and unnecessary treatment of the Powell team who must be exhausted working their butts off for “We the people.” Maybe conservative media just need time to digest both their Thanksgiving turkey and the Powell team’s hefty legal submissions.

Update: Fox News published an article based on the content of the Powell team’s legal submissions without once referring to typos. It goes to show FoxNews can resist the strength of the mainstream undercurrent when it wants to.

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