Not a Nothing Burger: The Beef About Election Fraud

(4 Minutes Read) The election fraud evidence has now been beefed up into three layers. The media cannot continue to ignore this as a nothing burger and retain whatever is left of their credibility. First, hundreds of credible Poll Observers in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Detroit have now supplemented their sworn affidavits by speaking at public hearings before their State Senators. They describe their consistent, individual experiences observing activities ranging from suspicious irregularities to clearly fraudulent activities. With rare exception, Republican Poll Observers described aggressive and hostile thuggery by Election Workers and Supervisors at the ballot counting centers who prevented them from doing their legal work.

At the election centers, white, black and brown skinned Republican Poll Observers were identified by their Republican, conservative class identity with red and yellow tags which they were required to wear. One Election Worker has come forward with a recording he made of a training session in which the Supervisor laughingly implied the very reason they were keeping Poll Observers so far back had nothing to do with Covid. Rather, the purpose was to prevent them from being able to observe the handling of the ballots.

This is some of what Republican and Independent Poll Observers have sworn under oath to have seen that substantiate highly irregular and fraudulent activity going on inside the ballot counting centers:

Republican poll observers were illegally intimidated and physically prevented with barriers and threats from observing the ballot counting by being kept anywhere from 6-100 feet away while trying to observe 10-50 Election Workers handling ballots- an impossible task- while Non-Republican Poll Observers sat directly next to the poll workers; sticky notes on boxes illegally instructing Election Workers to back date those ballots (known to be all or mostly for Biden) that were arriving in trucks after the election; Republicans Poll Observers being illegally banned from the rooms where the military ballots were being transcribed from paper to electronic; signature verifications being illegally ignored such that a  “chicken scratch” straight line was accepted as a match when it had not even a remote resemblance to the person’s signature with which it was being compared; Republican Poll Observers being “picked off” one by one and made to leave the ballot counting centers on a thin excuse, for example, that their mask had fallen beneath their nose.

Perhaps the most explosive evidence is the sworn affidavit that batches of ballots were being counted multiple times. This observation was sworn to in an affidavit by a contract worker working for, of all people, Dominion Voting Systems, the same company alleged to have installed machines capable of and which were, used for fraudulent, electronic purposes. This DVS worker appeared highly credible providing names and dates and times.

The sworn testimony that seemed to sum up the tenor of the ballot counting centers was the handling of the ballots that were spoiled, for example, those ballots where the voter had errantly selected both Biden and Trump. Spoiled ballots must be destroyed and not counted according to the law. When one Republican Poll Observer challenged such a spoiled ballot from being entered as a vote for Biden, the Election Worker insisted on entering it for Biden. The Election Supervisor was then called in whose response was to instruct the Election Worker that it was at her own discretion whether to cast it for Biden or Trump. This was clearly flaunting election laws and anyone’s common sense of right and wrong. When the Republican observer asked, well, why not give the vote to Trump, the Election Supervisor allegedly raged at her.

The odd person came forward in Michigan offering their assessment that it was all, heh, heh, an innocent situation: the room was hot, there was a lot of people talking loud, but the poll workers were just their honestly doing their job and sure there were some mistakes, but they were innocent mistakes. At this suggestion, the State Senator Chairman of the Oversight Committee looked around at his colleagues and nodded and smiled as if to say, this is a reasonable explanation, isn’t it? Notably, all these supposedly innocent mistakes were always for the benefit of Biden, and never Trump.

Also notable was the distinctly different treatment of Republican Poll Observers by their Senators in Pennsylvania and Arizona, which seemed appropriately and authentically respectful, compared to the treatment of those coming forward in Michigan.

That same Michigan State Senator chairman, while apologizing profusely for it, allowed his phone to set off a prison yard sounding alarm when the three minute allotment of the Republican Poll Observers’ speaking time had expired in the midst of their sharing their observations of election fraud. This is an example of what that alarm sounded like in a clip (that omits names) from the Michigan hearing. I hope that Michigan State Senator heard the USPS whistle blowers that were coming forward at the same time in another location.

Whistle blowers are now forming a second layer of election fraud evidence.

Two USPC whistle blowers have signed sworn testimony under penalty of federal crimes that what they are saying is true. As one whistle blower put it: “I couldn’t take it to my grave” knowing what I knew. One of the USPS whistle blowers has sworn in an affidavit that he moved a truck full of ballots across state lines from New York State to Pennsylvania in the dead of night, and another delivered ballots to an election center having been given verbal information that the intention was that they be back dated.

Thirdly, is the growing evidence that points to election fraud occurring in the foreign owned Dominion Voting System machines.

While DVS swears up and down, but not under oath, that their machines do not and/or were not connected to the internet, credible eye witness Republican Poll Observers have sworn under oath that they saw the cabling that would enable the machines to be internet connected – as described in the DVS’ manual itself. This supports the sworn testimony from computer and data experts from Princeton and MIT etc. that the numerous and significant otherwise inexplicable anomalies in the election data results are almost certainly foreign hackers manipulating the data for Biden via machine algorithms, Biden being the only beneficiary of the significant data anomalies in the swing states.

This is not even all the evidentiary beef. There are many other layers. So, where’s the media? Where’s the Democrat Party joining the demands for, at the very least, a forensic audit to ensure the just and safe transition of power, if they really believe Biden won?

The media and the Democrats apparently have no appetite to investigate election fraud among their own, but ravenously consumed the nothing burger of Russian election interference.

Whether the media is with us or against us, The West is not going to be overthrown by foreign thugs disrupting our elections enabled by the Liberal, Democrat Parties. Foreign dictators don’t understand that there are good people in The West who will do the right thing because we love our way of life. We are not going to submit to totalitarian thuggery stealing our elections by flaunting and making a mockery of our election laws.

The State Senators who have heard all of this sworn evidence have the legal authority to refuse to certify an election for which they have more than enough reason to know it was, or was highly likely, fraudulent.

The state legislators have options to right this wrong of election fraud for the 2020 election, and for the integrity of elections going forward:

they can cast their electoral college votes for the person with the most known legal votes (Trump), or at the very least undertake a forensic audit (versus recounting illegal ballots with, for example, no or the wrong signature) that will put the evidence in the light of day and prove one way or the other that Biden or Trump won their electoral college votes. Western elections are at stake.

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