Republican Witnesses Outclassed Democrat Senators’ Thuggery at Election Fraud Hearing

(1 Minute Read +Video Time Stamps) The verbal thuggery by Democrat State Senators yesterday in Michigan towards witnesses voluntarily coming forward to provide election fraud evidence was both sickening and enlightening. Some of the Democrat State Senators acted like emotionally stunted thugs dressed up as state senators in comparison to the sophisticated, intelligent and restrained Republican witnesses responding to their threats and intimidations – all on camera.

The witness testimony, sworn in written affidavits prior to the hearing, included that they were threatened and intimidated by Democrat election workers at the ballot counting centers. In response to this testimony, shockingly, some Democrat State Senators threatened and intimidated them for their sworn testimony at various times throughout the approximately three-hour hearing. (The full hearing is well worth watching to understand the election fraud in Michigan.)

The time stamps below are focused only on how these credible witnesses coming forward were treated by the Democrat State Senators. The time stamps also provide the points at which the witnesses provided their relevant backgrounds. These were not just random people who showed up at the ballot counting center: one is an engineer, another a business owner, and another an IT worker with two degrees.

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of the hearing was to investigate fraud and so the questions from all the State Senators should have related to the mechanics and understanding of the ballot counting issues, for example, how it was the ballots were being counted multiple times. Instead, the Democrat Senators used their question to try to intimidate the witnesses. They did not succeed.

It is notable, as the Chair explained, and all the State Senators knew beforehand, this was not a courtroom hearing so there was no ready mechanism to swear the people coming forward under oath, however, they had all sworn written affidavits making the same statements under oath. They were referred to as witnesses at the hearing.

The Chair did an admirable job of keeping things under control, and pointing out that the witnesses coming forward were under pressure and not used to such a hearing. Requests for courtesy from the Chair had no effect on the Democrat State Senators. The Chair was probably thankful that the witnesses themselves were of such character that they were not intimidated by the Democrat thuggery, and did not respond in kind. They answered politely and respectfully, with the exception of one exchange where a witness who had also been effectively called a liar the day before and now again at this hearing responded, understandably, emotionally, but still restrained considering the circumstances. Rather than editorializing these instances, below are the time stamps on this video to decide for yourself.

Update: There is also now this video clip from the hearing provided by the Right Side Broadcaster who covered the hearing of one of the points at which there as wan attempt to threaten or intimidate witnesses.

Time Stamp: 35:00 -36:23             

The first witness introduction as a highly credible long time City of Detroit worker who immigrated to the USA from India in the 1990s.    

Time Stamp: 1:36:07-1:41                                       

A Democrat State Senator demands to know the witnesses birth name.

Time Stamp: 1:46:45-1:51:30        

A Democrat State Senator accuses an Indian man and woman of not telling the truth because she is not speaking under oath. In fact, the attack was based on a false premise because the witness had signed a sworn affidavit.

Time Stamp: 2:05:00:2:07                                       

A Democrat State Senator attacks a witness’s testimony saying it was found to not be credible in court. In fact, the witness has never appeared in court. As the witness said, the two witnesses behind her had also sworn to observe the same activity.

Time Stamp 2:14:00-2:16:30               

An intervention by the Chair and the qualifications of the next two witnesses

Time Stamp 2:41:20-2:44                      

A Democrat State Senator says she “knows” the witnesses are “lying.” The Democrat State Senator said this without being sworn, but the witnesses were in fact sworn under oath, and their sworn testimonies are supported by multiple other people under oath who saw the same suspicious activities appearing to be election fraud.

Update: Evening of December 8, 2020: Unbelievably, one of the Democrat State Senators committing the verbal thuggery against witnesses, is now playing the victim card on video. So, it went like this: Democrat State Senator intimidates or threatens two Indian women, 1 Indian man, and white woman at a hearing on camera. The Democrat State Senator then claims she is the victim of threats and plays the race card.

Further Update Dec 9, 2020 around 10am: The Michigan House of Representatives Chair released a statement:

“Threats to Democrats or Republicans are unacceptable and un-American. They’re even more unbecoming of an elected official. Rep. CA Johnson has been stripped of her committees and we’re looking into further disciplinary action as the proper authorities conduct their investigation.”

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