“The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia”: Evidence of Election Fraud

Top and bottom left and the bottom right shows that the rooms had been emptied of the Republican Poll Observers on the instruction of the Elections Supervisor on the premise that ballot counting was completed for the day. The top right shows one of the four Election Workers continuing to work and removing large black suitcases that had, up until then, been concealed from view.

(3 Minutes Read) “The judge in the town” may not have election fraud on his hands, but based on the evidence, this was not a low-level election fraud scheme by random people. As the evidence builds, a scheme involving multiple layers of state election workers and not-for-profit, “get out the vote” type organizations is being revealed. The Democrat’s recently demonstrated loose relationship with the law allowing burning and looting by BLM-Antifa to go unpunished or even admonished, has their fingerprints all over the smoking gun video evidence presented to the Georgia State Senators in a hearing yesterday.

The video supports what sworn Republican Poll Observers say they observed: around 10 pm they were told to leave by an Elections Supervisor because the ballot counting was done for the day.  However, once the Republican Poll Observers eventually left almost an hour later, Election Workers remained leaving them alone with ballots unobserved. (Click here for the specific times and what an Elections Investigator has now sworn in an affidavit released Dec 7, 2020.)

This alone is illegal activity. Georgia law states Poll Observers are entitled to be present for all ballot counting so that they can challenge suspicious or illegal ballots.

It gets much worse. The video shows that after the Republican Poll Observers leave, not only were the election workers left unobserved with the ballots, but previously concealed suitcases, like ones used to contain ballots, were pulled out from under a large table completely covered in a black cloth. The Election Workers then drag the suitcases over to the area where there are multiple machines used to scan and enter votes. The Election Workers continued until almost 1am in the morning which presented them the opportunity to inject untold numbers of unobserved ballots into the voting system.

Why would these Election Workers conduct this illegal act of pushing out Republican Poll Observers only to resume ballot counting, and actions highly suspicious of election fraud, all on video? They almost certainly did not know the cameras were there because they are owned and operated by State Farm Arena in which the ballot counting was taking place. It was only because the Republican Poll Observers came forward and described this suspicious activity that had occurred late at night that the Trump Legal Team requested the video from the State Farm facility. The video was viewed for the first time at about 1am yesterday and presented hours later at the hearing by a volunteer lawyer on the Trump /Republican legal team. There are good people in the world.

Such an irony that Biden campaigned on the premise that “character was on the ballot” and made his Freudian slip that the Democrats had put in place the best “fraud organization” ever.

A lot of good people believed the Democrat’s mainstream media arm that Biden was a vote for “character” and to vote against the “bad orange man”. Those Democrat voters must be starting to feel a sense of tremendous betrayal as the evidence builds.

The Democrat State Senators yesterday were clearly grasping and gasping trying to assert that the Georgia State Office had disputed the video when in fact they knew or should have known it was impossible for the State Office to have addressed the video evidence, much less dispute it. The Democrat Senators then went on to challenge an esteemed constitutional law professor on constitutional law trying desperately to bury the law that the constitution puts remedies for election fraud in the hands of the Georgia State Legislation for the 2020 election.

Besides the law disallowing the certification of a vote for Biden when Georgia laws were provably violated in the process, there is the evidence of how many illegal votes were cast for Biden to make it appear as if he had won.

To his credit, Georgia’s Governor has now ordered, not just a recounting of ballots that may include the illegal ones, but a recount where signatures for each ballot are checked, as required by Georgia law. (Update: the Georgia Governor subsequently stated he is now trying to argue he does not have the authority to order the signature matched recount.) Given the relatively small margin by which the media claims Biden won Georgia, about 12,000 votes, and based on all the evidence that is being revealed, it is likely that Georgia will be overturned on the basis of illegal votes being counted for Biden.

Moreover, Georgia state laws were broken. Regardless of the number of illegal votes that inserted into the election tallies, making it appear that Biden earned more votes than Trump, Georgia law requires the State legislature to refuse to certify a vote for Biden where election laws were violated.

There is a big spotlight on the night the lights went out in the Georgia ballot counting center.

Update: Click here for The Chief Operating Officer at the Georgia Secretary of State comments on the video evidence.

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