Updated 12/07/20: Georgia Election Investigator’s Affidavit Adding Fuel For the Trump Team?

(4 Minutes Read) Updated on December 7, 2020 based on the Georgia Elections Investigator’s sworn affidavit in green below:

The Chief Operating Officer at the Georgia Secretary of State made comments disputing the video evidence and re-framing it as an innocent counting of ballots that has been misconstrued. With all due respect, and without implying any wrong doing by the Chief Operating Officer, and not being a lawyer, this is my common sense response to his comments.

The Suitcases/Boxes of Ballots (“Bins”) Concealed Under a Table and Black Cloth

“But the video shows no new boxes of ballots brought out from a table, they were all there when the media and monitors [Republican Poll Observers] were in the room –” CEO Georgia State Elections Office

That’s like saying money hidden in bins under a table, under a black cloth were technically “there” in a room when the security guards observed the room, so there was nothing suspicious about the money being pulled out after the security guards left.

The Republican Poll Observers have sworn in affidavits that they did not see the bins because they were hidden from view as seen in the video. Also, why were the ballots in bins under a table, under a black cloth when the point and the law of the ballot counting centers is to provide a transparent ballot count?

The State Elections Office has an impossible task trying to re-frame and explain away what is undeniable in the video:

The bins were not pulled out from under the table and black cloth between 9:57pm and 11:02pm.

Then, moments after the Republican Observers left the room the bins were pulled out from under the table and the black cloth.

The sequence of events can be seen in the screenshots from the video on which I have added the text in red and the red rectangles. (Click here for a slideshow with time stamps from the video.)

This is what the Elections Investigator has now stated in a sworn affidavit released 12/07/20:

There were no mystery ballots that were brought in from an unknown location and hidden under table…Around 10pm, with the room full of people, including the official monitors [Republican Poll Observers] and the media, video shows ballots that had already been opened [by the employees who cut open the ballots, “the Cutters”] but not counted [by the employees who scan and count ballots, the “Scanners/Counters”], placed in the boxes, sealed up, and stored under the table. This was done because [the Scanner/Counter] employees thought they were done for the night [along with the Cutters] and were closing up ready to leave. When the counting continued later into the night, those boxes [that had been stored under a table around 10pm] were then opened so that the ballots inside could then be counted. (emphasis added)

Key question remains: Why did the Scanner/Counters wait from between from 10pm-11:02pm to open the bins/boxes, and only open them moments after the Republican Poll Observers left at 10:57pm?

The Election Supervisor Telling Republican Poll Observers to Leave

“The claim that the monitors [Republican Poll Observers] were “told” or “instructed” to leave is unfortunately a he said/she said situation. The video has no audio.” CEO Georgia State Elections Office

Buried in the Georgia State Elections Office statement to the media is the admission that sometime around 10pm: “all of them [the Election Workers] heard a supervisor say we are finishing for the night, because the cutters had completed their work. The scanners heard they were ‘done.’

The natural extension of the Election Supervisor’s announcement to the Election Workers is that the Supervisor then, rightfully unwilling to leave the Observers alone in the room with the ballots, addressed the Observers and, as the Observers have all sworn happened, told the Observers they were done counting for the day and they had to “leave.” This appears to be what happened in the video.

The Elections Investigator has now sworn in an affidavit released 12/07/20 that:

Our investigation discovered that observers and media were not asked to leave. They simply left on their own when they saw one group of workers, whose job was only to open envelopes [“the Cutters”], and who had completed that task, leave [at around 10pm].

This raises key questions:

If the Cutters left around 10pm, and the Republican Poll Observers left on their own when they saw them leave around 10pm, why were Republican Poll Observers still present at 11pm as seen in the video provided?

Who is most likely to know if the Elections Supervisor told the Republican Poll Observers to leave the room: the multiple Republican Poll Observers present in the room under oath, or an Elections Investigator reviewing video tape that has no audio.

Why isn’t the Elections Supervisor herself swearing an affidavit that she did not tell the Republican Poll Observers to leave, but rather it is being left to the Elections Investigator to surmise from a video with no audio?  

The Georgia State Elections office explanation that the reason the Election Workers ended up staying was because, subsequent to the Elections Supervisor making her announcement around 10pm that everyone was to leave, she got a call from a higher up telling her they were to continue counting ballots is reasonable or at least fathomable. However, it does not explain why the Observers were not given the same message, and why the Election Workers waited from about 9:57pm to 11:02pm to pull the bins out from under the table and under the black cloth – moments after the Observers left the room.

For argument’s sake, even assuming the Supervisor’s unsworn say-so is correct, or there was some miscommunication or the Observers incorrectly took the opportunity to assume the ballot counting was over for the day and left – it doesn’t make sense.

It would not explain the Observers return around 1am (as seen in the video) upon hearing from a news crew that there was ballot counting still going on. That sounds like astute people on the alert because of other suspicious activity the Observers have sworn under oath to have observed earlier in the day, and they only left on clear directions from the Supervisor.

The State Farm Arena Cameras

“And let’s remember, everyone knows there is video rolling in there. I’ve been in the room…it’s impossible to miss the multiple cameras.” CEO Georgia State Elections Office

It’s curious why, in the debunking of the video evidence, there have been no photos or screen shots of the “impossible to miss cameras”. I could not see any myself and it may be that like most cameras now they are so small that they are undetectable unless you know where to look. It’s a fair point that rolling out the ballots in the bins even on the possibility of unseen cameras was brazen, but then hiding bins of ballots under a table, under a black cloth in what is supposed to be a transparent process is very brazen behavior to start.

The Possibility of Election Worker Ballot Stuffing

“And let’s use common sense…did this team of regular elections workers suddenly become Oceans 11, or were they annoyed with having to work late and just do their jobs.” Georgia State Elections Office

Given that election fraud charges are successfully prosecuted against people one would not think capable of such criminal conduct, and with regularity in many places (look at Pennsylvania alone in recent years), it is beyond naive to suggest it does not occur, much less make it seem like a ridiculous notion. This is especially true considering that this is the most contentious election in US history with the radical left openly thwarting the law with riots and looting and burning. It is more than reasonable, given the hard evidence we are seeing in the data, affidavits and now video, that that lawless rage was brought into ballot counting centers by the same riot organizers determined to defeat Trump by “whatever means.”

Could these Election Workers been innocent pawns and just annoyed at having to stay late? Sure, but it only takes one person to portray themselves as having the authority to instruct unawares Election Workers to process ballots that are unknown to them as illegal ballots, and process them as directed. So, no, Oceans 11 would not be required to pull this off.

Moreover, the video evidence supports what many data analysis experts agree: there are significant, anomalous injections of ballots into the voting numbers that cannot be explained by any normal ballot counting. It appears that the ballots counted during the above time period in Georgia created an anomalous spike of ballots that were 98% for Biden.

The Bottom Line: Since the Video was Released Georgia’s Governor Ordered a Signature Match Audit

The Governor said: “‘it seems simple enough to conduct a sample audit of signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes'” in order to address any lingering concerns Georgians may have about the integrity of the voting system.” However, the Governor argues only the Secretary of State can authorize such an audit, and he is taking the position that only a court can authorize it.

So the question is, why would the Georgia Secretary of State office stall or make arguments to try and disallow a forensic, signature audit which would remove any suspicion about the Election Workers, and allow for an unquestionable election winner to be declared?

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