It’s Not Just The Election: Truth Versus Chaos Is On The Georgia Line

(3 Minutes Read) What is consistent about the witnesses coming forward is not just their observations of what is almost certainly election fraud. Their sworn statements consistently defend what is right and good and truthful. They are coming forward because: “they thought they would never see” the suspicious chaos in the ballot counting centers “in their country”; they are recent immigrants who love the US which gave them an opportunity to succeed and “never thought they would see” the reckless handling of the right to vote here; and on behalf of the “elderly woman, and the man in the wheelchair, my people” who made their way to dutifully cast their ballots with great difficulty. They are fighting for our Judeo-Christian West that pivots around, albeit very imperfectly and sometimes in opposition to: truth and what is right and good.

The bar for the West has always been to resist and punish what is lawless, harmful and chaotic. People pick up and leave their home countries for countries where votes for the opposing party are counted truthfully and fairly, and where the right of other peoples’ speech that is anathema to their own views are defended. We do not condone what is deceptive and chaotic by cheating on votes for the opposition, or dox people to shut them down through thuggery, and worse.

No doubt many of the people invoking the riotous thuggery and election fraud sincerely believe that what they are doing is right and good and the “bad orange man” must be defeated, but this is based on proven indoctrination by foreign, Marxist-communist influences particularly in academia. They have been deceived in their idealistic naivety.

There have been various hearings in the swing states into election fraud, but the hearings in Michigan appeared to be an actual spiritual battle. The rage and passive aggression that was unleashed not just on the sworn witnesses, but against finding out the Truth about election fraud, was stunning. The hearing itself was chaotic. Those under oath were accused of “lying” by an unsworn state senator, and the chair used a disturbing buzzer to cut off their speech. Keeping the hearing from descending into complete chaos were the sworn witnesses who came forward out of a duty to their country. They handled themselves with grace. There is hope.

The legislatures and courts in the swing states that were the targets of those injecting, not just illegal ballots but chaos into the US election, have a decision to make: are they going to turn a blind eye to the credible witnesses’ observations of what is almost certainly election fraud because it is the path of the least thuggery and doxing, or proceed with a calm and rational audit? Regardless of whether election fraud is found, and it almost certainly will, there are serious consequences to their doing nothing to lift a finger and conduct even a random sample audit of signature verifications.

President Trump passionately put to Georgia voters what is at stake last night. It is not just about the election for him. That is clear. It is about the future of America and the leadership of the free world.

For US legislators to turn a blind eye to election fraud and do nothing, even on the flawed premise it would not change the election outcome,  would be to reward those sowing chaos into The West with riotous thuggery in the summer and now white and blue collar thuggery in the ballot counting of the election. They would be rewarding them by conceding the power of the leader of the free world into their hands. It’s not just about putting up with four years of Socialist-Marxist-Communists that used thuggery and deceit to get their way, and then we can return to normal.

No, it is about whether the legal bar will be formally lowered by elected leadership allowing Chaos to enter the Judeo-Christian West as the new pivot point around which we all live our everyday lives with a doomed sense of hopelessness. A sense that no matter what you do you can’t get ahead. Criminality not only goes unpunished, it is rewarded. It is what immigrants, who know what it is like to live that way, are coming forward to warn us against.

The Georgia Senate Runoff and the Georgia audit with a signature matching recount for the November election are currently on the Georgia line. As Senator Perdue vowed, the ‘road to socialism’ will not run through Georgia. People have to vote and communicate to their legislatures about election fraud. Hold the line Georgia.

What can you do about it? Of course, VOTE and

this is a link to a Dick Morris page that has the contact information for the Georgia legislatures to whom you can express your views regarding their decisions whether to investigate election fraud in the 2020 election, and correct ballot counting processes for the Senate Runoff.

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