The Georgia Election Investigator’s Ballot Counting Time Stamps Don’t Add Up Fueling More Questions

(2 Minutes Read) There may well be reasonable explanations, but the brief affidavit released by the Georgia Elections Investigator looking into the video depicting what appears to be election fraud, doesn’t add up.

(Click here for the original posting describing the video when it was first released for the full context.)

To be clear, the election workers in the video have to be assumed to have done nothing wrong, and were simply doing what they were told to do. However, that does not rule out election fraud engineered by outside forces who had innocent workers counting ballots that, unknown to them, were illegal. The Election Investigators affidavit briefly responds to two issues. This is a link to a slideshow of key points in the video that I have edited to make it easier to read the time stamps, etc.

The Election Supervisor Telling Republican Poll Observers to Leave

The Elections Investigator’s sworn response to the sworn affidavits of multiple Republican Poll Observers (who were entitled to be present to observe illegal or suspicious ballot counting) being directed to leave by the Elections Supervisor on election night on the basis counting had ended for the day, only to find out ballot counting resumed after they left:

Our investigation discovered that observers and media were not asked to leave. They simply left on their own when they saw one group of workers, whose job was only to open envelopes [“the Cutters”], and who had completed that task, leave [at around 10pm].

  1. If the Cutters left around 10pm, and the Republican Poll Observers left on their own when they saw the Cutters leave around 10pm, why were Republican Poll Observers still present at 11pm as seen in the video?
  2. Who is most likely to know if the Elections Supervisor told the Republican Poll Observers to leave the room or if they left on their own: the multiple Republican Poll Observers present in the room under oath, or an Elections Investigator under oath reviewing video tape that has no audio?
  3. If the Republican Poll Observers were willing to leave on the mere assumption that counting was over for the day because they saw the Cutters packing up, does it make sense that they would have the fortitude to return at 1am (as shown in the video) when they got word from a news crew that ballot counting was going on?
  4. Wouldn’t the Elections Supervisor have a security duty to tell the Republican Poll Observers (as they have sworn happened) to leave the room if, as the Elections Office contends, it was decided the ballot counting was stopping for the day?
  5. Why isn’t the Elections Supervisor herself swearing an affidavit that she did not tell the Republican Poll Observers to leave, but instead it is being left to the Elections Investigator to surmise based on the video with no audio?


The Suitcases/Boxes/Bins of Ballots Concealed Under a Table and Black Cloth and Only Brought Out Moments after the Republican Poll Observers Left the Room

The Elections Investigator has now sworn in affidavit:

There were no mystery ballots that were brought in from an unknown location and hidden under table…Around 10pm, with the room full of people, including the official monitors [Republican Poll Observers] and the media, video shows ballots that had already been opened [by the “the Cutters” who open the envelopes] but not counted [by the “Scanners/Counters”], placed in the boxes, sealed up, and stored under the table. This was done because [the Scanner/Counter] employees thought they were done for the night [along with the Cutters] and were closing up ready to leave. When the counting continued later into the night, those boxes [that had been stored under a table and a black cloth around 10pm] were then opened so that the ballots inside could then be counted. (emphasis added)

A key question remains: Why did the Scanner/Counters wait all that time between 10pm-11:02pm to open the bins/boxes, and only open them (as shown on the video) moments after the Republican Poll Observers left at 10:57pm?

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