By Cold War Training the Communist Chinese Military Is Trudeau Cold War Daring Our Democratic Allies?

(1 Minute Read) Trudeau has earned Canada a cold shoulder from our democratic allies because of his warming relationship with the communist Chinese government. His actions range from refusing to ban the Chinese government’s espionage prone Huawei communications equipment, to a Canadian with a democratic allied 5 Eyes Security clearance being revealed as a mole for China. The list goes on. This is a further list of some of what we are being allowed to know of Trudeau’s looking away from the Chinese infiltration of Canada.  However, yesterday, Canadians got clarity.

Yesterday, Canadians saw clearly what the Trudeau Liberals intended to hide by way of an accidental release of documents. Trudeau’s actions may have now incited something of a cold war with our democratic allies.

In response to a routine request for information by Rebel News, the Canadian government sent classified documents that were not properly redacted. Although the documents do not contain military secrets, the political maneuvers of the Trudeau Liberals to appease Beijing were clear in both the text and intent of the Canadian government authors.

Most alarming is that the Canadian government promoted the Chinese military, the same military intent on surpassing our friend and ally the democratic and free USA, to learn how to fight in the cold climates of North America on our northern Canadian soil. Joint Canadian, Chinese officer training occurred at a Canadian military base. This should send a chill down the spine of every Canadian. Not so much because of China, but because the cold shoulder Canadians were already suffering from our democratic allies could now turn into something of a cold war.

Canadians should have kicked Trudeau out of office a long time ago.  We have lost our global reputation for being nice and replaced it with being frozen fools.

In 2013 Trudeau revealed that the country he most admired was China because it got things done. It is shocking to read in print, but at the time that Trudeau delivered this revelation to Canadians he did it with his distinctly lop-sided face grin (a psychological mark of contempt, Biden does it as well) and mop of black hair. The mostly female audience smiled back dreaming of a selfie.

Since then, Trudeau has had three ethics investigations and been found guilty, a first for a Canadian PM. He has survived the scandal of groping of a female reporter (who has memory problems, of course), the elbowing of an opposition female MP in parliament during a contentious issue (accidental, of course) and the multiple occasions that he dressed in blackface (it was a teaching moment, of course). Since his re-election the scandals and ethics violations have continued into the WE scandal.

What would explain functioning anti-misogyny, anti-racist adult females, who are largely responsible for Trudeau’s re-election, voting him back into power? Something crazy like a Canadian ballot counting company out of Toronto that can switch votes, or zombie like Trudeau Liberal followers motivated by a hatred for a bad orange man stoked by an orchestrated Canadian media, or left leaning Canadians being bought by communist Chinese plants? That would sound like crazy talk in 2019.

Canadians don’t need to worry about Trudeau’s global warming mantra. It’s the cold shoulder or cold war with our democratic allies that should send a chill down our spines.

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